4 ways to make money online with your phone

I am going to share how you can make money online and also share some of the niches I have mastered and properly monetize.
I will share links; recommend certain platforms where you can conveniently register and utilize them to make five to six figures monthly.

Before I begin, it’s imperative I let you know that making money online is a business and like every business, it requires that you dedicate enough resources to it as u would to a brick n mortar business. Some of these businesses can be started with as little as $0 but like. I always advise, It’s better that you have a stable income as well, this will help you when you are just starting and so you don’t consume what you earn too quickly.

Making money online requires only 2 things majorly. An Internet-Connected device (It could be a laptop or a smartphone), the second and most important thing would be YOU.

You are the only one that can make this work. You have to take note of your special skill and what you find interest in so that you can pick a niche that will keep you focused even when the money might not be coming in as much as it should when you are just starting. For example, if you don’t enjoy writing, it would be difficult for you to run a blog successfully.

So here are some ways I make Money Online myself

1. Social media management

I ran into SMM(Social media management) at a point where I was down to nothing, I was looking for a way to start making money online, I had googled and watched almost every video on this topic on YouTube. I stumbled upon a Twitter thread by a successful businessman and copywriter. After reading the thread I was more convinced about starting an online business and started reading and making research and finally landed my first job.

My first pay was about $50 and it was pretty good pay for me. The only skill required is that you understand how social media works and how to use the metrics and analysis to grow content for these pages.

Skills Level Required: Beginner/intermediate
Start-up capital: from $0 to $50

2. Running facebook ads

I enjoy running ads for e-commerce and serviced based brands and you can either agree to get paid on commission(You will be paid depending on the number of leads or sale you bring in) or agree on a fixed price before you get started.

You can offer to run ads for e-Com stores and other brands and get paid. Although this is an intermediate skill requirement, you need to learn how to run ads first before you can offer these services to people. You can either sign up for my Zoom live training class or you can use YouTube as a learning tool.

Although I will advise the former as I will reduce the learning curve and share you some of the books and resources I have bought and use, some of them running into hundreds of dollars
Skills Level Required: Intermediate/ Expert
Start-up capital: $50 to $200

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3. Drop shipping

Drop-shipping is when you buy goods at a really small price and sell them for a mark-up, sometimes going as high as getting 500% in profit. You can buy stuff on Aliexpress and sell them. When I started drop-shipping I made some ridiculous mistakes

and it cost me a lot. When drop-shipping, you have to be careful of the manufacturers you buy from, many of them sell counterfeit and substandard products. Another challenge with this business is the cost of shipping as you are usually charged based on weight so you have to. You can use Woo-commerce and Shopify to sell these products and make a decent amount of money.

Skill Level Required: Intermediate/ Expert
Start-up Capital: $500 to $2000

4. Consulting

I’m a born teacher and I enjoy teaching, I love the process of breaking down the learning curve and help individuals and businesses grow profit. I regularly have speaking engagement but what I find more fun is the practical aspect of creating content, lessons, and courses for my students.

Consulting is a business you can start with almost nothing, you only need to be an expert in your field and also find a way to market these services to people that need them. You can offer accounting skills, psychology, economics, and investment knowledge. You would have to grow your audience and what better platform to use than Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Skill Level Required: Expert

Start-up Capital: $0 to $200

You have to understand that all of these methods requires that you need some form of traffic. You need to be able to get people to your store or get to know the kind of services you render and what better platform to get that traffic from other than Facebook.

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Facebook boasts of over 1.7 Billion active users daily and you need to learn how to run Facebook adverts at this point. I have carefully packaged a live course for this tutorial via Zoom. It’s a fully packaged class and I will share my paid tools books and software with you.

Now which of these options do you think will work for you and which other ways do you think you can earn online and I should talk about. Let me know by dropping a comment