Five Facebook Ads hack that will improve the quality of your ads

Do you use facebook ads for your business? Here are five Facebook Ads hack that will improve the quality of your ads. These hacks, when implemented will increase your conversion rate, reduce ads cost, and prevent your account from getting banned.

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1. Target the correct audience

This has to be the single most important criteria to determine if your Ads will work or not. Imagine showing padded hips to Men on your ads. That would be like playing Russian rosette and pointing your gun at your enemy only this time, yours isn’t loaded.

2. Never use the “Boost Post” Option

I already talked about this here : 9 things you need to know before running a Facebook Ad. This options limit how you can tweak your ads and just tell Facebook, “Hey, I have some to burn, can you help me with some gas?”

3 .Use a dollar card instead of a Naira cards

 I first learnt this from @ronaldnzimora. Before then, i was using a naira MasterCard but i noticed when i made the switch, my ads was approved faster. When you use a dollar card, it allows Facebook to approve your ads faster and charge you faster. Facebook losses money because the naira is never stable.

How to create multiple virtual dollar Cards

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4. Use Automatic placements

Always use automatic placements, this will allow Facebook optimize your ads and show it on via the best channel. When you pick manual placement, you are constricting Facebook from optimizing and using the best placements for your ads.

5. Avoid Banned words

 Avoid words like “you” or any words that speaks too directly to a particular audience. Also avoid typing your Headline in full caps e.g. “HEY, STOP THERE, CLICK THIS LINK TO DISCOVER …..”. Also avoid negative or pain point words like fat, depressed, terrified, and obese.
There are dozens of words that Facebook really frowns on. I might have to write a whole article on this.
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Author : Kekeocha Justin