10 Canadian Careers that will be in demand beyond 2020

This list is NOT exclusive and is based on job opening projection and median wage. More opportunities will open in many industries after COVID-19. You can also explore job prospects at Canada job bank.

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1) Software engineer/Designer/Web developer

The Tech Industry is rising in Ontario, BC & Quebec. Many opportunities will open in the industry, including engineers, developers, or designers, but there won't be enough qualified workers to fill the positions Google's expansion plans show why Canada's tech boom is here to stay .

2) Industrial electrician

This career is beneficial for those who are prepared to take on the important job of installing, testing, maintaining, and repairing industrial machines & equipment. For more info about the career, see the resources here College of trades industrial electrician 

3) Aerospace engineer

The growth in the Aerospace industry is tremendous and will open up more opportunities for engineers in the years to come. In 2018, the industry contributed over $25B in GDP and 213,000 jobs to the Canadian economy. More details at State of the Canadian Aerospace Industry 2019 

4) Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistant

Therapists & assistants help people live more comfortably and improve their quality of life. With the elderly population living longer & Canadians' desire to enjoy healthier lifestyles, the need for therapists & assistants will increase 

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5) Licensed Practical Nurse/Registered Nurse

Canada has an aging population and that places excessive demand on the health care system. Accompanying this demand is an increasing need for healthcare workers in general, and the job opportunities in the field are still plentiful. 

6) Welder

The skilled trades industry in Canada is vital to the economy, and the welding workforce is younger than many other careers in the industry. Welding is about new job growth over retirement rates. In fact, it's been one of the highest paying in-demand jobs in Canada! 

7) Business management consultant

The career path is becoming extremely competitive, but businesses need these consultants to build back & stay productive. With workers retiring and transitioning to other jobs, the need for professional consulting services will be on the rise. 

8) College or Vocational Instructors

Many College professors are nearing retirement age (half of those in the industry are almost 50 years). Academia will create many jobs in both public and private post-secondary institutions in the nearest future. 

9) Truck Drivers

The Canadian economy relies on truckers who haul commercial goods from coast to coast. Although they are considered essential workers, there aren't enough people in the younger community entering the industry especially at a time when more drivers are needed. 

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10) Lab technologists/technicians

Laboratory logjams that were already the norm have been worsened by the pandemic, along with more people leaving the profession than joining. As Public Health resources are built post-COVID 19, more people will be required in this occupation. 


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