Top 10 reasons why a recruiter might have pushed your resume aside and what you can do to avoid it

You've been sending your resumes to recruiters but no response? Here are Top 10 reasons why a recruiter might have pushed your resume aside & what you can do to avoid it. Also, some applications to edit your resume online if you can't afford a professional resume editor. 


1. Your resume has multiple typos and errors

A resume filled with typo & errors indicates who you are as a person. Most recruiters indicate this is a no no. Remember, first impressions matter and little errors like that can cost you that remarkable first impression. 

How to avoid: When in doubt, use a site that checks grammar and spellings to review your final resume.

Examples are:

- Grammarly
- Online-Spellcheck
- Ginger Software
- ProWritingAid
- WhiteSmoke
- LanguageTool
- GradeProof 

2. Your resume is somewhat boring

If a recruiter reviews a resume manually without using an ATS, least they want to be is bored by it. Avoid this by simply highlighting your strengths and job related accomplishments. However, make sure it doesn't lack originality. 

3. The length of the resume is about 5 - 7 pages

As much as you want to fit all your education, experience, skills & achievements on your resume, it shouldn't be a manuscript. Avoid by keeping to a bare-minimum. Recruiters highlight they will readily go for a 2-3 page resume. 

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4. Resume has a picture on it

They say pictures either have a good effect / no effect at first glance. Recruiters are humans too & 80% poll indicated they aren't wanted. As this isn't a visa application, if they need to see what you look like they'd call you for an interview. 

5. Resume isn't data oriented & accomplishments not well stated

You have accomplished a number of projects over the course of your career but you haven't effectively communicated how.

Good: Increased sales by 75% in my role as sales manager.
Bad: I was the best sales manager. 

6. Funny / Inappropriate Emails

Suggestive emails such as:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Recruiters indicate they don't pay attention to emails with first and last name because that's the norm, but when they see funny emails, they push resume aside. 

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7. Skills & qualifications doesn't align with role

Most recruiters have attention to detail where they check every requirement asked for to fill a role. Ensure you at least have most of the requirements before applying because it comes off as though you did not read it. 

8. You used fancy fonts or creative font

A resume is a formal document. It should appear as so and not a creative canvas. Don't go designing with different cursives, playful, cartoonish or artsy fonts. To avoid, here are some great FONTS to use on your resume:

- Cambria
- Calibri
- Didot
- Georgia
- Garamond
- Helvetica
- Arial
- Book Antiqua
- Candara
- Serif

These font choices are as a result of their:

9. Your resume has inconsistent formatting

So in the education section you have about 3 different fonts. Your duties aren't well aligned and the year is not well justified. Let's just say your resume is all over the place. This causes confusion even to the recruiter. 

Avoid this by meticulously ensuring that general formatting features are consistent. Also, make sure to choose one method of formatting dates, bullet points and other features, and stick with that throughout.

Let it be appealing to the eyes and clean as possible. 

10. It's not unique to you

Many people would take someone's resume & edit it as though it's theirs & just change the name. You need to understand that you are not telling your own story when you do that. It is like making a quality document inferior because that's not you.  Most recruiters indicate they know when someone is plainly telling a lie because there is no flow and the contents do not align.

Avoid this by having a resume that is unique to you as a person. Let the skills, qualifications and experience be true about you as a person. 

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Here are some online platforms to review your resume

1. Zety Resume Builder
2. Resumonk
3. Resume
4. VisualCV
5. Cvmaker
6. ResumUP
7. Resume Genius
8. Resumebuild
9. Resume Baker
10. Enhancv 

The mistake on a resume can seem little but the effect on your job search can be profound as there are hundreds of other people applying for the same role as you. Work towards having a resume that showcases your unique experience, skills and tells your own story.

All the best! 


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Author : Kekeocha Justin