How to write emails that people actually read and make more money doing it

Writing emails that actually get opened and read is really not that hard. I'm going to be talking to you on 2 of the best ways to position and write your emails that makes your readers/list love you.

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But before that, you have to remember that email is a personal platform. This is a mistake many people writing emails to their list forget.They write with the mindset of spending the emails to their "list". That's a red flag, you want to write your emails as if you're sending it to ONE person.

Yeah sure, nobody's stupid in 2020. We all know we're part of a list and the emails we received were also sent to a bunch of other people. But you still want to be as personal as possible, so when writing try using "you" a lot, if there's a way you could insert their name, do it. 

Okay now for the 2 strategies to write really good emails.

1. Story Emails

 Everybody love stories, we all know this. But very few people actually do it. Stories are powerful ways you can command instant attention of your readers.
The question you'll ask is story about what?? Simple, about ANYTHING! Yes, story about anything, it might be a movie you watched, it might be a story you heard or read, it doesn't matter. Provided you can tie it around a message at the end, or a lesson your list could learn from. 

Also in writing story emails, your subject line should be curiosity based. You want to use that to pull them in to actually read your email. It's really not that hard is you try it, just pick a story. Stories are everywhere and trust me you can tie a message to any story at all.

2. Breaking News/Trends

This is a really really effective way to write emails that get opened and read. People love gossip, we love gist and love to follow trends. So if you can tie your emails about a trending news, you'll surely get a lot of opens and click throughs.

How do you do this you ask?

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I'll tell you, you want to go on trends here on Twitter, pick something that has been having a lot of engagement and many people have been talking about and write your emails around that. Simple.

Now, you just don't want to write because of writing sake, you want to find a way to relate the news/trend with what you're about or what you're trying to sell. Your subject line should literally be the trend. Because if somebody has been on Twitter seeing a particular topic and gets an email notification saying the same thing, they'll surely open to see what you have to say.

Bonus Tip:  Use open loops, these things are powerful when writing email, you want to keep your readers on the edge let them anticipate your next email.

An open loop is a concept that, in the telling of stories, means our brains naturally want to seek out some sort of conclusion. The open loop eventually provides that conclusion.

I'll recap
1. Use Stories
2. Breaking News
Bonus. Use Open Loops. 

Alright that's it.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin