5 Ways To Increase Your Post Visibility And Explode Your Instagram Growth

5 Ways To Increase Your Post Visibility And Explode Your Instagram Growth

1. Geotags

Often ignored, but it works like crazy. It's simple, add multiple locations to different posts according to what your target location is.

2. Hashtags

Everyone know about this already, but let's talk about how you should not use them.

1. Don't use popular Hashtags, they actually reduce your visibility.

2. Don't use banned Hashtags, they will decrease your engagement due to shadow bans...]

3. Never edit your Hashtags, that's an algorithm trigger for spam.

4. Use niche or industry hashtags, that works like crazy.

5. Do proper research on Hashtags, and if you can't, COPY your competitors, with sense.

How to research Instagram hashtags and types of hashtags

Moving on to... 

3. Alt Text

Many people don't know about this, but it's a way of telling the algorithm that your post is extremely user friendly. And a way to tell the algorithm what you are posting about so it shows it to an audience interested in it.

See this: Instagram Lets Users Add Alt Text to Photos 

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4. Optimise your name and bio

This is critical, it's a direct way of helping your customers and prospects find you on time. What you want to do is use business keywords as your Instagram name as well as use it in your bio as elements.

If I sold beard oils, a keyword could be,

  • Natural Beard Oil
  • Organic Beard Oil
  • Beard Oil in Lagos

You get the gist.

And finally, last but not the least;

5. Create Highly Valuable, Actionable and Shareable content

This is the most important of all, you need to do this to drive massive engagement. Which will in return cause the algorithm to favour you and expand your reach.

You also want to do this to try to force or cause people to get excited and share your content using either the send button or save button.

Observe, from an 8 day old account.Page insights

There many more things you can do to explode your growth. But these are critical.

Most importantly, give out value and do not just dump pictures in your audience. Engage them.

I hope this has to some extent helped you. Let me know😇


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Author : Kekeocha Justin