5 little-known twitter advanced search tricks for research and information purposes

They are useful for knowledge, information, marketing, sales and research purposes. And I'm going to share them with you in a bit. Let's dive in 👇 


1: Find Your Most Popular Tweets

Do you know you can find your most popular tweets with a simple search term. Search for "from:your username min_faves:num"

Example: from:mrwale_adeyemi min_faves:30

For tweets that had 30 likes above. You can also replace faves with retweets 

2. Find The Most Popular Tweets About a Topic

You can use this formula to find topics that had a lot of engagement. Let's use Copywriting as an example. Search for copywriting min_retweets:50

This will show copywriting tweets that had a minimum of 50 retweets. 

3. Find Ideas for Blog Posts

Need ideas for a blog post topic? Simply type: keyword "how to"


digital marketing "How to" will return all digital marketing related tweets.

You can replace "how to" with "http" for more great blog post ideas. 

4. Look for Buying Signals

Want to do market research and find exciting opportunities?

Here's what to do: Search for terms like anyone recommend, looking for, any advice on, need a etc. plus your keyword.

Example: Recommend a copywriter 

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5. Find Content Shared by Selected Account

If you want to see what your favourite tweeps have tweeted about a certain topic, simply search for the keyword and their names.

Ecommerce from:ronaldnzimora
copywriting from:andymukolo
Facebook ads from:bena_hili

Got it? 


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Author : Kekeocha Justin