How to use Upwork and earn from it

Remote working: Learn how to use utilize your stay at home using Upwork and earn from it .

All the questions you could possibly have, from how to set up to how much you can charge up until how much you can earn has been answered here. You have no excuse after today.


What is Upwork?

Upwork is a freelancing platform. It was formerly Elance-oDesk and is a global freelancing platform where businesses or individuals connect to conduct business.
In 2015, Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork 

What kind of skill do I need to have?

Almost any skill is needed on Upwork and anybody can become a freelancer on Upwork.
Skills on demand in Upwork include:
Content Writing
Social Media
Graphic Design
Presentation Making
Mobile App Development
Data Entry with Microsoft Excel 

Admin Support etc

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What tools do I need to have to start using Upwork?

A laptop
Reliable internet connection
Free time (you already have this)
An Upwork account
A Payoneer account 

I am familiar with all the items mentioned except payoneer. What is that?

You need to have a Payoneer account in order to get paid from Upwork.
A Payoneer account helps you to withdraw your earned money from Upwork....straight into your bank account here in Nigeria. 

You can get issued a Payoneer debit card, but it may not be totally necessary for you. Payoneer also has a mobile app that allows you to manage these funds.

How do I get jobs on Upwork?

Now I have all these, how do I get jobs on Upwork?

1. Create your profile

You must have a profile on the platform. 

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It is important to fill it till 100% (the percentage will be displayed on the personal page while filling up the profile).
In the title, you should clearly indicate the specialty, for example, Graphic Designer, Project Manager etc .

How to get deep pocket clients as a Graphic Designer

2. Choose an order and write a competent cover letter

When the profile is ready,track placed orders and apply for those, which correspond to your skills.

Apply only to relevant projects. According to the rules of Upwork, there is a limit - you can apply up to 30 vacancies  per month. If needed, you can buy another ten jobs for $10
Respond only to recent vacancies (no older than one day). Track the number of candidates who have already applied (this figure is visible to everyone). If there are more than 20 people, better don't apply. 

You will be lost in a long list of candidates.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you write a cover letter that will make you stand out and allow a stranger to trust you to handle their project

For a copy of this cover letter you can get it here for 1000 naira: Pay for HACKS AND TRICKS OF CANVA

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step-by-step guide of how to complete a cover letter

3. Take an interview with a client

If everything works out in your favor, the client will respond and will probably want a phone interview.
Sometimes contracts are opened only after chatting when the employer simply specifies details vital to him. 

But for longterm contracts, it is logical to get acquainted.

Important things to note in the interview
Be professional
Use Zoom preferably and turn on my video to build trust
Take notes 

What is your hourly rate?
Many clients on this platform will ask this question. They want to know what you are worth per hour and then calculate how many hours the job will take. For sample negotiation strategy get it here for 1000 naira: Pay for HACKS AND TRICKS OF CANVA

Congratulations on scaling your knowledge to make money legally and legitimately online. 

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