How to get clients on Facebook groups as a freelancer

Are you a freelancer? Here's how to get clients on Facebook groups

Facebook group

Facebook groups are made up of people with similar interest. They could be public, private or secret. To get clients via Facebook groups, look for groups that are private, groups that get to screen people before they join the group. Facebook groups makes it easy for you to book international clients.

Before you join a Facebook group, you'll have to define your ideal client.

Who do you want to serve?

Who do you want to attract?

Narrow down your audience to 1 person this allows you market effectively. Defining your ideal client will help you choose the right Facebook group. Look for the groups your ideal client is likely to join. If your ideal client is a first time mum, look for groups that discuss child care and the likes, join them. Look for groups that caters to your ideal client's pain points and join them.

Before you join those groups, ensure your bio, profile, content are on point.

When you join those groups, make an introductory post, stating who you are and what you do (don't promote your services). Be friendly, engage on the posts in the group. Give value, make educational posts, respond to questions, make intelligent comments.

Soon enough the group members will begin to tag you on similar content they think you have answers to, check your profile or send a friend request. When they do this, just know that you are hitting the right spot. Again, do not self promote, let your free value or educational content do the marketing for you.

Create content around your FAQs and share them in the group. Update your links, email, bio on your personal profile or business page. Group members will check you out, ensure they have something to see on your page.

Follow the rules, promote when they say promote and give discounts where necessary.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin