How to Ace the GRE quantitative

The Tips I will be sharing helped me get a Quantitative Score of 163/170 given a limited preparation period of One(1) month. Kindly Retweet for others who might also need this.

1. Be Teachable

The reason a lot of brilliant students don't do well on the GRE Quants on First attempt is because they fail to admit that their knowledge on basic Mathematics is actually limited. They hastily conclude, I know this, I know that. Trust me there is a lot to learn. 

Come down from that pedestal and pay attention to simple details. You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

2. Develop your GRE Thinking

The 1st question I ask myself when solving any GRE Question is “What is the Catch? There is always a catch/trick and asking this question help you develop the right perspective. The longer you analyze a question, the higher your chances of missing it 

There is a simple approach to the seemingly complex question. You just need to find it. You get better at this with PRACTICE. No one has ever Over Practiced. 😀 

3. Get the Right Resources

As you know, there are tonnes of GRE resources out there but not all are good. Some are good on the Quantitative but not so good on Verbal and vice versa. It is thereby important to use the right materials for each section. 

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Rumor has it that, preparing with mainly Kaplan pegs your total attainable score at 305-308. This material is basic and should only be used as a Back up. 

4. What are the Best Resources

a. Magoosh Videos: I strongly recommend you go through all the Magoosh Videos (See link below). This will greatly help you, even if you are a Math Guru. The videos are concise and the concepts are well explained. 

Magoosh books

b. Manhattan: This textbook is very good, especially for the Quantitative. It is quite bulky but worth the read. Use concurrently with the Magoosh Videos and progress from easy to medium to the hard questions. (Link below) 

Manhattan Books

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c. 5lb Manhattan: I cannot over emphasize how good this material is. It contains lots of Questions (on various topics), you will solve until you are exhausted. Lol. The Questions are quite difficult, which is good for your preparation. 

d. NOVA GRE: If your Maths is quite shaky, I strongly advise you start with this textbook and the Magoosh Videos. It will help establish your basic understanding. But remember don't stop at this, use tougher materials 

e. Ready4GRE: This is an app. you can easily download on Playstore. It is excellent. The questions are quite tough, but the tougher your prep, the Higher your score. Also you can track your progress on this app, as it updates your overall score as you practice. 

f. Kaplan, Princeton, Barron, Grubbers… I consider all these, basic materials; don’t get me wrong, they are quite good, but for an High Quant. Score, they can’t get the Job done alone. Please still use them for Practice. Remember you can never over practice. 

Princeton Barron Grubbers Books

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g. ETS PowerPrep: this is a great app, do not use until your practice is very solid. I will advice you use 2 weeks to the Exam to access yourself, whatever you score on this app, will likely be your score on the real Exam (+-5) 

5. Develop your Mental Strength

I can tell you that the GRE is 60% Mental Test and 40% what you know, simply because the Test is about 4 hours, it will get to a stage in the Exam Hall, you might ask yourself, “Who Send Me”?. Lol 

Prepare in the harshest condition possible. This will help develop your stamina and concentration. Read for long hours; ensure you avoid intermittent reading because it doesn't simulate the actual exam condition. 

Please never feel discouraged when you miss Questions. Rather be excited when you fail a question and learn from your mistakes. That's the essence of Practice. However failing and not learning WHY is folly. Do well to review your wrong answers. 

6. Pacing

Kindly note that all questions in a GRE section have equal points. So, avoid spending all your time on a single question. Leave the hard questions and come back to them. You will be surprised, how easy it becomes when you come back. 

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7. GRE Quants is 80% Verbal

Meaning, your odds of getting a question correctly depends on how well you interpret it from English to Equations. Interpretation skills are priceless on the GRE. How do you then improve your Interpretation Skills? 

a. Develop Interest in the Question: See every Question as if it is challenging your IQ, this makes it quite challenging and sharpens your focus. 

b. Relate the Questions to Yourself: See yourself and your friend as the “Mary and Bob” the Question is talking about. Sure you won’t want to be cheated when sharing Oranges.. lol.. With this solving becomes Fun

8. Answer all the Questions

Please there is no Negative Marking on the GRE, even if you need to do “ADE BABA CAC”, abeg do. Do not leave any question blank. Do well to have a list of formulas, esp. if your maths was shaky. It will help few weeks to the Exam. 

This info was not planned, typing directly as it comes to mind and I had to type this twice as I mistakenly pressed the Esc. Button. So it's Possible I missed some details.Do well to drop your questions here for others to learn.

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I hope it was worth your time. I wish you the very best in your pursuits. Do well to share. Hope this help someone.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin