13 hard truths you should know after finishing National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC)

Congrats to all those that completed their National Youth Service Scheme today. I am no prophet but let me tell you some hard truths about the system and tell you how to navigate it. You will begin to see them occur and no career blog will tell you this.

Youth service

1. If you didnt build any profitable connection or have any influential family or friend as your contact be prepared to sit at home small

2. If you were not applying to companies during your service year and probably didnt participate in any job interview or test, be prepared to sit at home small

3. If you didnt acquire any skill or have no hustle that will generate income for you, frustration might set in but it's not the end of the world

4. Family members might tell you to go get a job while you are home forgetting that it's not your intention to sit at home please dont get upset at them. Also, dont let depression set in. They mean you well but don't know the right way to communicate it.

5. If you sit at home too long you will start considering the possibility of going for Masters. Know that you are only prolonging what you will still face except you plan to tow the academic line or runaway from Nigeria to seek greener pastures

6. Some of your friends will get jobs before you and start building their lives. Some will get married. Please rejoice with them and dont be envious time and chance happens to all. Your time will surely come I promise you.

7. If you finished with a third class it wont be easy let me not lie to you. But you can still make it in other things and the story of your third class will become a motivation

8. Dont believe the lie  that its CV alone that will get you a job. CV is only one step in the door. There is still assessments, interview etc

How To Get The Job You Deserve, Without A CV And A Cover Letter

9. Looking for a job is a job I am sure you have heard that statement. Let me explain it better. People that have jobs go to their places of work daily  for those that work from home they engage in work activity daily.

They have set targets. For you, it means that no day should pass without you applying to one company or reaching out to someone or preparing for interviews 

10. Dont be deceived. Acquiring certificates from online courses is not a big deal if you dont have experience. Focus more on acquiring actual skills that you can sell not certificates

11. Companies have their various training programmes they run but please note that it is not the same thing as getting certified from an actual professional body. CIPM and Certificate of participation in HR from Chinedu and Sons Limited is not the same thing.

12. What will cure depression and frustration from setting in is if you are doing something legitimate to bring money. I bet you, you will be comfortable while looking for a job. I used to write projects for people and sell phones back in the days.

13. Your first job might not give you the actual money you are expecting but please start from somewhere as long as the pay settles your transport to and fro. My first job was 20k but the story is not the same today.

Let me stop here and allow you think.

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Author : Kekeocha Justin

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