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Sell online

For a business to survive, there is ultimately one thing that need to happen - You need to make sales. Selling is the lifeblood of any business and for your business to grow, you need to get customers to patronise you.

It’s that Simple.

Now how do you make sure that you get enough people to buy from you or patronise your services? How do you even stand out in the market place?

Because some of your Competitors are not Sleeping. And doing everything make sure they have your Customers for themselves. But there’s a Hack.

What if you know why People Buy in the First place? if you know why people buy and what influences their buying decision, you will be certain of what you need to do to get them to Patronise you for your Services.

3 Solid reasons why people buy

So you’re about to Discover 3 Solid reasons why people buy. You can apply these Amazing Tips to Boost your Business and open a floodgate of Paying Clients. If you use this Well. Ready to Learn this? Then let’s dive in

1. People buy because of the price

I’m sure you would agree with me that this major factor highly influences buying decision. There are people who put this first before buying anything. If the price doesn’t suit them, then they won’t Buy. It just how it is.

They are after who offers the cheapest price, they are looking for the better deal. That’s all they care about. So if you are the “cheapest” in your Marketplace, if you have the better deal than your competitors then you will be patronised by these guys.

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However, one problem; The problem with this is that if you go into a Price war that is - If you Try to compete with the lowest price, your Business will not last long. Infact, you will quickly go out of business because the Big guns in that niche who can throw a lot of money around have enough to Win that war. Infact someone can just come in tomorrow and say chose to sell cheaper than you, the next day another person can come over and do the same.

Before you know it, you’re already the most expensive in the market with your “cheap offer”

Funny right?

So don’t think that you will collect all the customers from your competitors if you make yourself the cheapest in the market. Don’t make that Mistake. Now what do you do?

I will give you a secret if you read on Instead of being cheap, now justify the value of your price, increase the price, add an extra freebie or bonus.

Eg: If the average price your competitors sell a shoe is N15,000, instead of taking yours down to 10,000 to get more customers, at the expense of your Pocket..

And your Business.. Take up the price to N20,000. Relax, don’t be scared. You know what you’re doing. Use 2k to Get a Shoe Polish, a shoe brush, a quality socks. Use 1k for delivery. That’s 3k

Now tell your client that they will get a FREE Shoe Polish, shoe brush and quality socks when they buy from you.

That’s not all. You will deliver it to their location for FREE.

You see what you’ve done?

You’ve distinguished yourself from your competition and ramped up the value of your Service. People like FREE things, they will come trooping in when they see this offer.

And oh! You’ve also gained an extra 2K Profit.

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You can apply this to any product or service that you offer. You get this ?

Okay, let’s go to the Next Point for today…

2. People buy based on selections

They love to buy from where they have a wide range of selections. For example whenever you want to buy a couple of things, you prefer to go to a place where they sell all the Products you want,. Somewhere like Shoprite. If you want to buy online, you'll prefer to get from somewhere like Jumia and Konga, or Amazon.

They offer a Wide range of products you can buy from. So some people go there to buy because of the fact that they believe that they can kill two birds with one stone.

So if your business can offer several other services that your customer is interested in. Do that. Make them not think about the stress of going somewhere else to get a service or product similar to what you sell.

Just like I render Copywriting Services. I write Copies for Social Media Ads, Sales letters, Webpages, Email Sequences etc. Clients come to meet me for Facebook Ad Copy Service (A Copy advertising a Product or Service on Facebook). Because I don’t stop at Creating the Ad Copy. Thankfully I’m a Facebook Ad Professional. So I also help them set up a Highly Profitable Facebook Ad Campaign. So they don’t have to go somewhere else to do that.

And oh ! If they want, I have a Team that can help them effectively Manage their Facebook Page too.

You get the trick? So Start brainstorming on that thing you can add to your Service to make your Client not go anywhere else to give someone else “your money”

This way, such customers and people like them will always come to you because they want to kill two birds with one stone and/or because they don’t want to have to go somewhere else before they get a service similar to yours, if/when they need it.

You understand?

You’re learning fast. I like that. Now moving on.

The final tip for today that could transform how you do business is...Hold on.

In fact, a brand you know applied this and achieved record breaking sales which you will confirm. What is another reason why people buy?

3. People buy because they want personalized service

This is one very powerful competitive advantage you can have over your competitors. We are in the Era of Personalized Services. People want Personalization. We don't just want products that apply to everyone, we want products or services for US.

Do you recall what Coca cola did with their brand that got them record breaking Sales within a Few months? They created a Coke for You.

One that you can print your name on. People who didn't even like coke (or e.g. those who prefer Pepsi) had to switch to Coke. Because they loved the Personalization. That was a Game changer for them.

Some of us even kept the bottle even after drinking. Lol. Don't pretend... You know yourselves.

I have a friend that used it to "decorate" his fridge that time. Face with tears of joy😂. Empty coke bottle with his name, Aka, Baes name. And one of his songs title.

So you see the effect of Personalization? You may know this as "Custom Service" Yes it's the Same thing. A service for the Customer.

Some customers have very weird or unique taste, The good thing is that those people pay well. They just want to see that you can do something different for them. Now you would lose out if you start to say, errm I don't offer this, I don't do this, Sorry this is not part of our service bla bla bla. You don't like money ni?

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Relax, I will tell you what you need to do. You can even do this with the knowledge you already have

  • Take a survey of your customers and find out what custom order ideas they may like,
  • Gather data
  • Set up that Service, create your Pricing And launch it asap.

And next time, don't ever say you cannot offer that custom service your client wants.

Tell them you offer it, Tell them the extra price involved for that. And find out how to pull it off later. If you're serious and care about your Reputation.You surely will !

Most times they won't budge after telling them that it will cost a little bit extra. And Once people notice that you're flexible, They will feel more comfortable. But if you start forming strict Service, You repel them. Immediately. So be flexible, And Apply this to your business.

Start that Custom Service today.


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