How Instagram Guides work

You've probably heard of Instagram Guides but how does it work and how is it going to change the game?


Instatgram Guides were originally meant for creators in the health and wellness industry, to enable users consume well curated tips in response to COVID 19. Guides are basically a set of Instagram posts put together in a scrollable feed. Instead of going through a page's feed looking for relevant content on a certain topic, you could just go to the guides section and see if they've curated such posts as guides.

Guides can be shared on Instagram stories or via DMs same way you share IGTV.

If you are serious about Instagram marketing, you should look forward to guides.

For instance, fashion designers could create curate a list of posts on a particular collection as Guides. Instead of answering same questions over and over about a particular collection, just refer them to guides.

Assuming you share helpful hashtag tips, you could create a guide curating all your posts on hashtags. Presently, guides are open to a handful of creators.

To see what it looks like, visit heads_together on Instagram.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin