Targeting the right Audience with Facebook Advertising

This is an article for every individual walking their path into being a Facebook Advertising Professional or Direct response Marketers using Facebook as an advertising platform whether selling physical or information products. This article will expose you to everything you need to understand about targeting and targeting right with Facebook Advertising.

facebook ad targeting

Targeting in simple terms means bringing forth the right products to the right audience.

Targeting the right audience is directly dependent on the choice of product. No product is useless when you are advertising it to the right audience. As much as babies are the ones wearing diapers we sure know they can't buy it for themselves.

Targeting right helps you send your advert to qualified buyers. Targeting can either be done from scratch [Clueless targeting] or Targeting with data [ little or more information at your disposal]. Targeting the right audience will help optimize your ad delivery and also save you a load of cash. Don't dash Facebook money for nothing.

Targeting can be done basically using these three variables: Demographics| Interest| Behavior.

Targeting using Demographics

Targeting from scratch [Clueless targeting] can be done using random demographic, interests and behavior you think your audience will fall into. If you find yourself in this kind of situation you can use Google Trends to get heads up.

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Targeting with data where you have little or more information; whether information you have gotten using Google Trends or well researched informations. Targeting with data is best as it optimizes advert delivery to audience that matches your audience persona. Other than just age, gender and location, devices, device version, operating systems, mode of connection can be targeted when in demographic targeting.

Targeting using interest

Targeting using interest will optimize your advert delivery to reach qualified buyers with interest in your products. Selecting audience interests here is selecting attributes related to the product. Exercise kit can sell to audience with interest in weight loss, bodybuilding, running, e.t.c.

Targeting using interest

Targeting with Behavior is simply targeting the behavior your audience possess or has shown over time. This data can be generated either from Facebook source or personally collated over time

Targeting with behavior can be targeting audience that visited a particular page, visited a particular website, liked a particular post e.t.c. Targeting right here can optimize your advert delivery as your audience is a defined action taker.

P. S: All this forms of targeting work together as not targeting one of these variables right can disrupt the delivery of your advert. In essence targeting the right age, gender, location but a faulty interest and/or a faulty audience behavior can be detrimental to your ad delivery.

You should also note that other factors such as ad objectives, pixel code installation are properly used to get the best out of your advert.

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