How to make video ads

I´ll lay out the entire process I go through from gathering the content to having a finished, converting video ad. You could start following this process for your own store, if you have the time for it of course ;)

So where do I begin?


It all begins with the job, most of the times I get the content handed to me in a google drive so I can get to work immediately. If I DON'T, I do it myself.

Firstly you must understand, that the copy and the video most be congrugent.Let me Explain. Let's say I make a video ad for a pillow that helps you sleep well. When the copy says: ''Are you having trouble sleeping?''. What video goes well with this? I can assure you it's not a woman smiling walking down the street.

It's someone laying in bed turning and turning. So before we search for the content, we must have the copy.

This is how I structure the copy for my videos: Videos are 30 sec long, so 5-6 sentences and then a CTA. I like to start my vids with a question, this works wonders. For example: A laptop stand. Lead into it with

''Want to work at home without constant back pain?''

It draws attention if you make it pop up in the screen. Do that. Customer relates to the questions -> keeps on watching your ad. So that's it for the first sentence, I like to make this 3-5 sec long. After that you work on the rest of the copy.

What I like to do for the last sentence before the CTA is this: Either have the product name with some benefits pop up, or have a testimonial there. Then end with a strong CTA.

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That's it for the copy, onto the actual video. So, if I have to search for the content myself I just go to youtube first. Search for the product and get as much content as I can. unboxing videos, videos of it being used, etc. I use to extract favorite scenes from YouTube videos. You can insert a URL and download. It's free, but I recommend buying it you'll get better quality downloads and now issues. only $10

After that, I move to aliexpress. I search for the product there and download videos of the product. Sometimes there is a good video, most often not.

Then we go to Download Stock Photos, Fonts & Templates with Envato Elements. Hands down the best €29 you can spend. For a video editor? It's a must. You can download unlimited stock video and stock images (It's where I get mine) and  you can download transition packs, lower thirds. Whatever Stuff that will make your video look 100x more professional.

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So now, we got the Content + Copy


I use Premiere Pro. For me, It's the best software to use. (Still learning After Effects to make my vids even better). What is the process I go through to make my videos?

Let me tell you; organization is key for me. So I make sure that first of all, I have all my files in order. I Got a folder for my clients, each client has his own folder. In this folder are 2 other folders: Content and Video. All the content I got is in Content and I save my video in video

Now, I go to premiere pro and make a new file. Make a new sequence, these are my settings. Import the entire content folder and you can start working. My process👇


I start by searching my music, this is important because you want to make sure the music somewhat matches with your video. Makes it much more engaging. I find this music on envato elements. Then it's time to start editing!

You have 2 options here: Either you do everything in one go, so you start the first 5 seconds. Do the content + text and once it's finished go on to the next sentence


Have all the content in order first, full 30 sec and then focus on the text + effects

How do I do it? Depends. Most of the times I just work bit by bit. Get the first 5 sec done, then onto the next. But, this is just the content and text. Not the effects.

Once I have the content and text ready,I focus on transitions and effects. Making everything perfect. When that's all done, I render it and I have my final video!

Let me know if you liked this article! If I missed something, please let me know.

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