How to go about medical studies in Germany

Recently, I have received a lot of enquiries about medical studies in Germany. Here are some of my findings. I must preface here that most of the information I have been able to gather have been from 3rd-party sources and I will reference some of them here.

If you'd like to study (and practice) medicine in Germany, you most likely would need to learn German. I can easily think of 2 reasons why this is the case.

1. Most medical study programs are in German.

This makes sense as you are in Germany and most doctors practice here. The field is also one with a lot or regulations so it makes sense that you are educated in the original language of the regulations that you need to abide by in the course of exercising your duties as a professional.

2. Practicing is an important part of the training and if you study here, you'd have to work in the hospitals or clinics here where most of the patients are German-speaking. This I think makes it further imperative that you speak German.

Can I study medicine in English in Germany? Yes, you certainly can but your options are limited. There are 2 universities offering medical degrees taught in English. Learn more here

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Do I recommend it? - Probably not.

How do you apply?

If you have a prior degree you'd like taken into account, you will need to get the qualification formally recognized. You might need to contact the specific institution to find out the specific procedure for degree recognition.

If they do not accept or recognize your prior qualification, then you might have to go through a preparation course. My friend "Dokita Nkem" discusses this preparatory course quite extensively.


As you can expect, the admission standards are pretty high so you need to have very good grades to improve your chances of getting in. Application deadlines are typically 15 July and 15 January every year.

Depending on the institution, medical programs may require payment of a small fee to supplement the costs of education. This can vary depending on the state and institution policies.

Typical program duration is 6 years. In some cases, it is 5 years. You can learn more about studying medicine in Germany here: Study Medicine in Germany

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I would finally like to add though that mastering German is inevitable for anyone who would like to practice in the medical field in Germany. You just can't escape it. To be able to learn well and get promoted in your workplace, you'd need the language.

This might scare some but in today's world learning a foreign language is an immense asset. It might be scary at first but it's doable. I did it with Russian so I know first-hand. Be bold, go for it if that's what you really want.

To learn German, download German for dummies


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