What is German blocked account

For many people aspiring to a move to Germany to get world-class education that'll advance their careers, funding the so-called "Blocked Account" often becomes a major stumbling "block" in their aspirations. Let's examine the issue a bit.


What is a German blocked account

A blocked account is a special type of bank account for international students in Germany to prove they have enough funds to live in Germany for a year. It's important to remember that public higher education in Germany is still mostly tuition-free in Germany. Now, the matter under consideration pertains to your survival, as a student, while you study. In Germany, there is a high level of social security. 

The government does take responsibility for the well-being of anyone within their borders (as they should). It is very reasonable then that they ask you (the foreign student) demonstrate to them that you have a means of supporting yourself for at least a year when you come over. 

This is the reasoning behind asking that students fund the so-called "blocked account" with €853x12. IMPORTANT: This is still the student's money! It is released to you monthly at max of €853 per month. 

This way, the government is assured that the average foreign student can pay for his/her basic needs for the first year at least. Many students find jobs during that time and use their subsequent employment contracts as basis for their visa extension afterwards. 

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Many people complain to me that this is a problem and makes Germany less attractive. This then makes me to wonder, wouldn't you still need money for personal upkeep in the other popular destinations like Canada, US, UK, and Australia? Or how is it different here? 

If you can afford the astronomical tuition fees in those countries, setting aside money for your upkeep shouldn't be a problem here either. This however opens up a conversation that is quite uncomfortable but must be had.

Studying abroad is NOT affordable for everyone. 

Just like not everyone can afford to study in private universities in Nigeria, not everyone can afford coming to Germany to study. Personally I respect the policy of the Germans on this matter. Moving to a new country, culture, and language is quite stressful. It really is! 

With their policy, at least you wouldn't have to add financial trouble to the other headaches you'll have when you move which I think is a good thing. If you need guidance on this topic, get in touch. We can explore alternatives together.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin