How to move to Germany or Europe as a skilled or qualified professional

Are you a skilled or qualified professional in Nigeria looking to move to Germany or Europe? Gather round and let's talk about some of the opportunities available.

Who is a skilled or qualified professional?

This is anyone who has obtained a tertiary/university education degree or a vocational training qualification following a training course lasting at least two years. This could be BSc, MSc, PhD or equivalent qualifications. 

Now how can you migrate to Germany?

The easiest path to the German labor market is to get a tertiary education in Germany. This can be a Bachelor or a Master. The alternative is to get your foreign qualification recognized in Germany. 

You would need to search for a job or an employment opportunity in Germany which is possible online or based on a job search visa valid for 6 months. This gives you the opportunity to come to Germany, explore the quality of life in different states while applying to jobs. German language skills up to B1 level would be required.

After this, you need to get an employment contract with a German company. This would qualify you to get either a German work permit or, if you earn up to a certain amount, the EU Blue Card typically for 12-24 months. 

If you hold an EU Blue Card, you can apply for Permanent Residence after 33 months of working in Germany or after only 21 months if you have a B1 level German certificate. If you hold a Blue Card, your relatives can move to and work without delay and without limits in Germany. 

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Author : Kekeocha Justin