Tech jobs in Berlin and associated salary ranges

Where are my techie people? Gather round. Let's talk about jobs in Berlin. If you didn't already know, Berlin is one of the hottest tech hubs in Europe right now. To me, 2nd best only to London in size and importance.

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For those of you considering Germany as an immigration option, I'm pretty sure you must have considered Berlin as a possible destination. It certainly makes sense considering its growing international population and available English-speaking jobs.

I probably shouldn't limit this artice to techies only but you'd have to forgive me as this is the field I'm very familiar with right now. I will try to have a discussion about job prospects for other professions soon. Fingers crossed :)

One FAQ is "What's a good salary for a Software Engineer in Berlin?"

It's definitely a good question to ask particularly if you are already applying for jobs. It is good to know market rates if you get to the salary negotiation stage in the recruitment process.

In the past, the city had the stereotype of being "poor but sexy" (and I'll add, hippie), but the reality is fast changing. Rent and general cost of living is rising and so is the expected average salaries for expats across the city.

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Courtesy of data collected by portals like Glassdoor and Stepstone, here is a summary analysis of tech positions/roles in the city and their associated salary ranges. This is merely an estimate as specific salaries may have dependencies that affect the real pay.

Engineers and Developers

Salary range from €35,000 to €130,000, depending on the seniority of the position. Junior Frontend developer could start at about €36,000. No major difference in earnings for Frontend & Backend. Mid-level positions earn from €55,000 to €65,000.

DevOps Engineers

Salaries span from €35,000 to €87,500, with mode salaries ranging from €60,000 to €70,000 at mid-level, and €70,000 to €80,000 for senior positions.

Managerial Positions

As expected, there are no real "junior" positions here so the estimates are for senior positions. Although, I think there are growing numbers of Product Managers/Owners who probably earn roughly on the same level as Developers.

For senior managerial positions though:

- Team leader salaries range from €50,000 to €125,000.
- CTO salaries start at €54,000, reaching up to €157,000.
- Director of Engineering salaries span from €67,000 to €170,000.

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With the sustained growth of the industry, it is expected that the average earnings will also continue to grow as competition for talent intensifies in the city and across the country even.


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