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This can be you if you are searching for master or phd scholarship in germany and you can speak some german or you are learning german.There are possibilities to apply for scholarships to fund your education in Germany. You can only apply after being admitted by a university.

Usually it is easier to apply after you have commenced your program in germany to fund the second semester/year of your studies. So you can simply come to Germany, learn basic german in the first year and then apply for the scholarship in the second year.

Offcourse it is possible to apply before coming to Germany if you already have basic German language skills. Besides German language, most of these scholarships require some social or volunteering experience. So your community development service during NYSC is already a good experience but also your extracurricular activities at the university

Some other examples of socio-political engagement that can help you get a German scholarship include: participation in the student council, head boy, leading international youth camps, participation in the Green Youth, engagement in associations and NGOs etc.

Scholarship possibilities in Germany


In 2020 the focus regions will be Central Europe, Southeast Asia, Near East and Western Africa. Interviews will be conducted in Budapest, Seoul, Amman and a capital city in a West African country (may be Lagos).

Masters and PhD candidates can apply. PhD students might not need to provide German language requirement. The application deadlines is July 5. This is a good for someone who already has admission letter for winter 2020 semester. Apply here : Scholarships for a Master's Degree or a Doctorate in Germany

In case you are already living or studying in Germany, you can apply for a scholarship via the domestic selection program using the online procedure. Please fill out the application form online and upload all required application documents. Apply Here : Wie bewerbe ich mich? - Scholarship and CultureKonrad

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Masters and PhD candidates can apply. German language proficiency even if course is in english. Master students get about 850 and 1200 euro for phd students. The application deadlines are April 30 and October 31.

Apply here Für die Freiheit. Begabung. Leidenschaft. Mut

3.) Hanns Seidel Foundation Scholarship

Applicants must be less than 32 years old and must prove socio-political commitment. A good must knowledge of the German language is required. Masters students get 850 euro per month while PhD students get 1200 euro.

Apply Here : Scholarship Programmes – Talented Individuals Receive Support

4.) Heinrich Boll scholarship

Masters and PhD candidates can apply. German language proficiency even if course is in english. The application deadline is march 31.

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5.) Rosa-Luxemburg Scholarship

Masters and PhD candidates can apply. German language proficiency is required even if course is in english. The application deadlines are april and october 1.

Scholarship Department - Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Scholarship program

6.) Friedrich Ebert scholarship

Masters, PhD and even Bachelors candidates can apply. German language proficiency is needed. Deadline is anytime for phd and before or at the beginning of the first semester of the master's program

7.) KAAD Scholarship

This is a good opportunity for those who are christians or catholic and the German language is not strictly required. Apply here

8.) DAAD Scholarship

Offcourse DAAD is not new to you but they fund only specific master programs and they do not also require German language. So check if your master study is listed. They fund all PhD studies with no restriction.

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9.) University Specific Scholarships

There are also other scholarship options from most Universities which does not require German language. To find these kind of scholarships, you need to thoroughly scan the websites of your prospective schools or ask the admission coordinator

For example, I got my scholarship to study in Germany by simply writing an email to the admission coordinator if there are scholarships available. Luckily, there was one and i got it. My colleagues were surprised but they didn't ask.
So ask ask ask!!!

Applying for these scholarships requires a lot of tenacity as you will need to gather a lot of documents (Germans like plenty documents) which are not really easy to get. But it is worth it.
All the best as you apply!!!
Alles Gute für Ihre Bewerbung!!!💪👍


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