Top 3 skills a UX Designer should have

The User Experience Designer is concerned about how the user's overall interaction with a product/ platform feels. S/hedoes this by providing solutions to maximise the value a user gets from the product/ platform.

UX design

Think of it as designing a product around the possible interactions a user will have with it. For example: - Can the user start a purchase on her phone and finish it on her laptop without being frustrated?

- When there is a problem using the product/ platform, can the user easily find a solution without losing the will to live?

- Can a new user intuitively know what gestures should be used because of the simplicity and ease of use of your product/ platform?

Top 3 Skills:

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a. Curiousity

There are many careers where you may be able to get away with not having a curious bone. In this career, you need to be curious about why a product is adopted quicker than others and what attracts users repeatedly to a platform.

You will wonder how to incorporate functionality with simplicity without affecting the product's profitability. To help with learning curiousity, I find this course from IsraelX. Very useful : Explore key concepts in the new field of design theory. Gain fundamental knowledge of what design is and its relation to culture, economics, and the arts.

b. Research

 There is a painstaking deliberateness that goes into creating products and platforms. This is where having an understanding of user research processes and concept development comes into play. interacting has a really good course on this : User Research – Methods and Best Practices.

c. Wireframing

Having the ability to show how a product or platform works helps communicate its value. UX Designers should not be bothered about how the product or platform looks, that's the UI designer's job.

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