How to create irresistible offer that make people eager to pay you

Regardless of what you sell, your offer can make or mar your business. If you want to make the most money, then you need to create an offer that is as juicy as it is irresistible.

Your offer is not your product or your service. It includes everything from the product to

- the market
- the promise
- unique mechanism
- bonuses
- Risk reversal
- Guarantees etc.

But on the back of all this is the promise you make your prospect. Before I talk about how to create your irresistible offer, I need to tell you about two different types of offers if you market online.

1. The Content-centric/ education based offers.

This is the type of offer where you provide a lot of education and content up front before you eventually sell to the lead. For instance, a free training or webinar that ends with an offer.


Hey, are you looking to learn how to create stunning video animations with your smartphone in 30 minutes or less?

Then click the link below to register for a free webinar where I practically walk you through my '3-Step Reverse System' for creating stunning videos in 30 minutes.

They click the link and opt-in to watch the webinar, where you sell them your offer at the end. This type of offer is ideal for low ticket products.

2. The Offer-centric (promise-based) offer.

This is different. It doesn't involve a lot of education or content upfront. It sells the offer immediately. For example,

Hey, are you a budding copywriter looking to grow your business into a 6 figure empire? Then we have something for you. We have designed a special incubator program that has helped 245 copywriters land their first client in 2 weeks and are on their way to 6 figures.

Click the link below to find out the special flip-back model we use and how it can help you achieve 6-figure income in 6 months or less.

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When they click the ad, they are taking to, maybe, a short video sales letter that repeats the promise again.The video sales letter will not educate them. It will go straight to hit their pain points and get them to reach out for a call.

This type of offer is ideal for high ticket products. There is a reason both offers work that way, and it is because of the Money-Time principle.

The Money-Time Principle tells us that "Those that value their time are willing to spend money to save their time, Those that value their money are willing to sacrifice time to save money."

A low ticket customer generally wants to save money. while a high ticket customer generally wants to use money to save time. Knowing where your customer is and what they want to save can help you decide on which offer to push out.

How then do you create an irresistible offer?

First thing is to know the elements in an offer.There are several of them, but we will touch the basic and most important ones.

1. Target Market

You need to know who your customer is. What is their pain? What is their journey like? What have they tried before that didn't work? How much can they pay for your offer?

2. Your Promise

This is where the big idea comes into play. What is the one thing you want to do for them? What is the big result?

See it as a journey. Your customer wants to get from A to D. How can you help them get there. One thing that can make your promise powerful is showing them the micro milestone you can help them achieve.

For instance, you can promise a prospect you will help them make 6-figures as a copywriter. But the most important milestone this person wants to cross is getting their first client.

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promise flow chart
So while you are promising a 6 figure business, map out your customer journey all the way to the big result.

3. Your new mechanism

What is special about your method? What makes it different from what is already out there? Is there a new process you developed? A new opportunity you spotted? Or did you modify a process that has always worked? Or is there a new market you will help them take advantage of? What's new about your method?

And the trick here is this, it can be something old but given a new meaning!

4. The process

The best in the game learn to use analogies to make their offer a lot more magnetic. And you can use real life happenings. Events and occurrences. Sprinkle it all over your promise and it will get people in the mood to buy.

The reason is, people connect to things that they can relate to. Especially if it is a cold audience. They don't know you, and they don't bloody care. But with relatable events, they start nodding and saying: "oh wow. This is true. I saw it in the news the other day."

The other elements are the bonuses and how you will deliver them, Your money-back guarantee, if any. How you apply urgency and scarcity. With this, you have a good offer ready to get your prospects drooling and hungry to pay you.

I hope this enlightened you.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin