How to keep people buying from you

Are you guilty of this? 👇🏾

Moving on to the next sale immediately you close one, with little or no care what happens after to the buyer?

In my years of marketing & sales, I a lot of sales & repeat buys never happened because. Most marketing plans & sales techniques do the most to form a strong business bond with the customer & then, LEAVE IT AT THAT.

However businesses raking in the big cash know the human bond is by far the strongest. They focus on making the human bond before the business one. Don’t get it twisted, no one is saying spend time backslapping your customers but treat them as a human being first.

Identify with them

Treat as a human being with a family, a hobby, interest, opinions & then as a customer, not the other way around.

Psychology tells us that, Humans have a powerful need for an identity. It is the sole reason why some of you on this app will identify as "Titans" or "Mercenaries", or feminist. Humans will always feel the need to belong to something bigger than themselves.

Putting this to work for your business, means creating a human bond, can mean any of the following: forming a club with membership privileges such as free gifts, special discounts etc.

Apple leveraged on this by helping users identify as the misfits, the misunderstood ones, the ones that wanted to make a difference. As evident in Apple, it will strengthen any individual’s sense of identity with your business. Their movement is almost CULT-LIKE 😁

Stay in touch

Next, you must STAY IN TOUCH This means offering your prospect & customers new products/services, educating them on how they they can use your products/services. Newsletters is one of the best example of staying in touch

Now, beyond verbal & written communication, do you know people respond more to non verbal cues than verbal ones? Body language is non verbal type of communication. This means Body language is also part of marketing. Businesses can leverage on it, by making every customer & prospect FEEL UNIQUE & IMPORTANT

How do you do that?

By conveying knowledge of other people by your remarks, actions & service.

Can you remember the last time you made a prospect or customer feel unique?

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Can you also remember the last time a business made you feel unique ?
How did it make you feel?
What did it make you do?

Sales psychology is a thing. Learn to use it. It can make or break a sale. And to be able to use it correctly, you need to know the most possible, about your target audience then marry the information to the understanding you have about your product & service.


You’ll find the answers.

For now, I’m off to research on you guys because I need you to understand why you need that


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