5 key tips on professional writing

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1️⃣ Presentation is everything

When producing a professional document, remember it is a representation and extension of yourself. The how is just as important as the what!
The more saturated your industry is, the more important your “how”.

Are you using complimentary colours? Have you tailored the document to fit your readers preferences? Have you done research on audience?Are you using modern fonts and designs?

Your document might be a cover letter, or a business plan for investors, but the same concepts apply.

2️⃣Solid start, solid finish

We live in a world where people are bombarded with tons of information daily, so it is extremely important that you grab peoples attention immediately, and finish in a way that takes your reader a step closer to your desired outcome!

That desired outcome could be anything, it could be getting an interview for a job, creating awareness for your brand, or a sponsorship from a corporate investor!

3️⃣ You get a customers attention, don’t waste it

When you finally get the attention of your client/ end user, do not waste it! People pay millions to get into the position you’re in. Convey your points in a clear, and concise manner.

Leave them wanting more!

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4️⃣Dont oversell

There is a fine line, between proving competency, and coming off as desperate, people are sold to all the time, differentiate yourself. Reminder: it is always better to undersell and over perform.

5️⃣ Add pictures or illustrations

A picture is worth more than a thousand words! Articles with images get the highest impression has the highest engagement. Don't believe what i just said ? Twitter says ' Tweets with photos receive an average 35% boost in Retweets' . Someone also said people very anything illustrated on a graph or piechart.

I bet you do too


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