How To Grow Your Instagram Without Spending Money On Ads

A simple strategy that helps you add up to 20 followers every single day on Instagram.

How to grow Instagram followers

1. Identify active accounts in your niche

Identify 50 accounts of interest.Search for active accounts within your niche to ensure a high level of targeting - another option would be to use recent posts under hashtags in your niche.

An example, I could search for either the keyword Instagram marketing or search for the Hashtag #InstagramMarketing

There is no point in adding a follower that might never be interested in what you say; so you need to check out their profiles and ensure that these are not just active accounts but accounts that will engage with your content.

 2. Engage

Look for new posts under those sources to engage on. The next step is to basically look for new posts- either under the hashtags or through niche leaders; to ensure that accounts you reach out to are likely present or at least are active daily.

3. Optimize your profile

As long as every bit of your profile is optimised- including your profile picture- and your page contains valuable posts of interest to them - some of them will leave you a follow!🙌

And even if they don't; a lot of them would leave you, the sweet part

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go to their accounts-
identify three posts-
drop them some likes -

leave them a valuable comment or two and get out of there!

How to optimize an Instagram profile

4. Go into their DM


Leave them either a text message, a voice note or a video that communicates your interest to connect! An example : 

Hey Adam! Came across your profile through explore! I love your content and thank you for the value you provide!

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Left you a follow to show my support! I hope we can get connected! You are doing awesome man!


Just try to be yourself. If the first 3 don't work, then simply become a loyal fan! And if it resonates with them; they will follow you back!


Do not demand promotions or follow backs from anyone! it's an immediate turn off!

P.S : This is advertising
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The way to grow any and all instagram accounts is by getting yourself some visibility - the three step strategy does exactly that- it gets you profile visits and the rest is up to your profile optimisation and content strength!

So as long likes and comments that eventually enhance your engagement rate!


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Author : Kekeocha Justin