Things to check out before sending out your CV (curriculum vitae) or resume

I see some mistakes people make with their Cv and I created this thread to point some of them out before you send out your CV this week.

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Make sure you have your contact information on your resume

Email address: Make sure to use a professional-looking email address. Also, never use your work email address on your resume. For example - [email protected] is not a good idea
Phone number
LinkedIn address

Make sure your include keywords relevant to your Job field

use Jobscan and compare your resume to the job description before sending your resume out . Jobscan is a tool where you can upload your job description, and your resume and see the matching keywords.
Keywords are important for you to get the highest relevancy search for both the ATS and for human eyes when scanning your

How and what should I do to prepare to get hired by companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft et al?

Do not use personal pronouns

Pronouns like; I, ME, e.t.c should be avoided in your resume. Rather use active verbs to describe your job ( Managed,organized,led)

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Add a skills section

This section is not about elaborating your soft skills. Skills section should be used for highly specific skills that are job-related Try to pick the relevant skills mentioned in the job description and match with your skills to be put in this section.

Don't Include a photo

Unless you are an actor, model, realtor or applying for a role which requires your physical appearance to be included, don’t put it on your
This is tricky, because photos not only create bias, but they are a straight disqualification for some recruiters. At times the moment they see the photo on the resume, it gets dumped to the rejected bin, no matter how well qualified you are for the job.
Don’t get confused with the trendy resume templates you find online, just follow the basics. No photo required on the resume, unless the job demands it.

Avoid adding fancy graphics and diagrams

Unless you are a creative professional, fancy designs and diagrams are not helpful on a resume. You may be disqualified or rejected, because the recruiter couldn’t read your resume properly and got distracted.


  • Always use a reverse chronological order to showcase your work experience, starting with the most recent company you have worked with, then diving to the others.
  • Save your resume as some version of your name "Hansel praise resume" and not "updated resume".
  • Keep your resume simple and easy to read.

I hope with these few points of mine I have been able to convince and not to confuse you that hannytalker lol don't mind me. Have an awesome week ahead.

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