Free Python Resources for both beginners and Advanced Python Programmers

If you never had a chance to learn programming and that's your first experience, here you will find free books, blogs and video tutorials that will help you.


PART 1: Python for beginners

1. Cheers Kevin short video explains why it's better to think of projects you'd like to build and problems you want to solve with programming. Start working on those projects and problems.

2. CS for All is an open book by professors at Harvey Mudd College which teaches the fundamentals of computer science using Python. It's a perfect read for programming beginners. CS for All

3. If you've never programmed before check out Learn To Code with Me. With Laurence Bradford materials you will quickly understand the basics. Get digital skills, be happy | Learn to Code With Me

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4. Learn Python the Hard Way is a free book by Zed Shaw. - Learn python the hard way

5. The Python projects tag on Twilio presents many tutorials about Python and what you can create it with it. twilio blog

6. A Byte of #Python is a beginner's tutorial for the Python language. - A Byte of Python

7. FREE BOOK: Introduction to Programming with Python: basic syntax and control structures - open tech school

8. FREE BOOK: Python Practice Book Python Practice Book

9. Python for You and Me: an approachable book with sections for Python syntax and major language constructs. Also contains a short guide at the end to get programmers to write their first Flask web application - Python for You and Me

10. FREE BOOK: Automate the Boring Stuff with Python by Al Sweigart
11. Program Arcade Games with Python and Pygame. It is available for free in multiple languages. -

12. Python Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Programming in 7 Days - Python Tutorials for Beginners

13. RealPython - The website offers various materials from interactive exercises to tutorials. Learn Python Programming Online – Real Python

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14. Learn Python - Learn Python - Free Interactive Python Tutorial

15. CodersLegacy - an educational site created to train future generations in the art of Coding - CodersLegacy.

PART 2: Python for experienced users

If you already know the basics of Python or know another language this list will expand your knowledge.

1. Learn Python in y minutes -

2. How to Develop Quality Python Code -

3. Python module of the week -

4. Composing Programs shows how to build compilers with Python 3 -

5. Good to Great Python Reads - jesse noller

6. Mark Pilgrim created two versions of Dive Into Python,

7. Obey the Testing Goat -

8. TryPython - Code School: Try Python

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PART 3: Videos, screen casts, presentations

1. - indexes thousands of Python videos from both major conferences and meetups.

2. Series of Python video tutorials by theNewBoston - Python 3.4 Programming Tutorials

3. Sentdex created many python programming tutorials, going further than just the basics. Learn about machine learning, finance, data analysis, robotics, web development, game development and more. - sentdex

4. Programming Knowledge - Another youtube channel with amazing list of video tutorials for beginners about Python - Python Tutorial for Beginners (For Absolute Beginners)

PART 4: Curated python packages list

1. Awesome-python is an incredible list of Python frameworks, libraries and software -  vinta/awesome-python

2. Easy-python -

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PART 5: Podcasts

1. Talk Python to Me focuses on the people and organizations coding on Python -

2. Podcast.init - Home

3. Test and Code Podcast - Test & Code : Python Testing for Software Engineering

4. Python Bytes -

5. Import This - Is a podcast from Ken Reitz and Alex Gaynor with very in-depth interviews with influential Python community members

PART 5: Interactive python lessons

1. Google's Python Class - Includes written materials, lecture videos and code exercises to practice Python - Google's Python Class

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2. ExercismCode  - Exercism uses peer review to improve general programming techniques

3. Python Challenge - A game in which each level can be solved by a bit of programming -

4. Computer Science Circles -

5. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Interactive Edition -…

6. Practice Python - Over 30 beginner Python exercises to be solved -

7. w3resource - Python Exercises, Practice, Solution

8. Grey Campus CodeLabs -


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