How to spot Job scam

Two nights ago, someone sent me an audio recording of a "traveling agent" who promised to connect him and his friend to Canadian employers who will employ them and help them get jobs in Canada, but they will have to pay.

employment scam job scam
RED flag! Don't ever fall for such, it's a scam. False promises: Foreign workers are falling prey to a sprawling web of labour trafficking in Canada

In fact he sent him some documents that should purportedly convince him that the offer is legit, but when I scrutinized it further, I realised that all he did was copy information from the company's website and send it as an email to this person. Of course I debunked it and made it clear that this is not anywhere near a job offer.

Job scam letter

Fake job letter


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First things first, if you received a job offer from an employer, it should contain;

1. Employers full address and details.
2. Complete job description with details of what your responsibilities would be.
3. Salary/hourly rate

4. Duration of the employment must be explicitly stated.
5. Coverages (medical insurance and the likes, what is covered and what is not).
6. Annual vacation/compulsory leave
7. Signed by HR or with company stamp.
8. It must be addressed to you personally not a generic write up.

If your job offer letter doesn't include all these aforementioned details, then forget it, something must be fishy and I'd advise you ignore it or hold it with a pinch of salt.
Here is a link explaining how the temporary foreign worker hiring process works : Temporary Foreign Worker Program

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Secondly, if you are asked to pay in return for an employment offer then it is a scam. It is illegal to make people pay for jobs in Canada, don't fall for it.
Here is a link  : False promises: Foreign workers are falling prey to a sprawling web of labour trafficking in Canada, to an investigation made by the globe and mail about a year ago, and it exposes job & school trafficking rings in Canada, swindling people of their hard earned money in return for jobs that never came, or terrible work conditions that are a far cry from what was promised or what they paid for.

So, it's a real problem and something you should be wary of especially before making any financial commitments to any "immigration" agent whatsoever.
Canada is largely a DIY country, and you can apply for all these opportunities without any help from any immigration agent/agency. Visit to start.

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