How not to fall for scholarship,masterclass and webinar scams

To you Scholarship enthusiast,
1. Don't be a "sheeple", and don't let these wolves prey on your desire for better opportunities and a chance at a better life.


2. Opportunities don't come on a platter of gold, you work for them

3. You see that website called google, it knows everything but you just have to search for it. One thing you will have to learn is how to search using keywords. If you are not ready to search, you should be ready to pay then I guess because free resources are available already.

4. Also, there are many persons out there doing this for free and who would be willing to help you. Always do your homework, and when you get stuck, reach out to these ones and I can assure you that you'll get the desired help. Don't go asking questions you can find on google,

or questions that have been previously answered. Learn to search thoroughly first!
You can find resources here:
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Many of these persons have their own lives and are very busy with work, graduate school and many more, but they are still willing to help you. So always reach out to them well in advance and I'm sure you'll get the needed help. But like I said before, do your own homework first!

PS: just like @MomentsWithBren mentioned earlier, there are many persons whose job is Career guidance and counseling, CV writers, Educational consultants, Vocational psychologist and many more, don't expect to get free service from these after contacting them. You ask, you pay.

If you can't take your time to search for information, or apply the free tips you are getting from people here and you want to be led by the hand or be spoon fed, then you should be ready to pay! Nothing is free even in Freetown. You can't be poor and lazy at the same time.

For clarity, don't pay for any garbage scholarship masterclass because they won't give you the scholarship. But if you can't use the free tips provided here and you want personalised services, then your pocket has to be ready as well.
You're not entitled to anything from anyone.

Nobody owes you a thing, they're just doing it out of their sheer goodwill and benevolence so be smart about it.

Pen drops!📝

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May you all secure your dream opportunities and hopefully when you eventually do so, you won't be a wolf but will become a helper and a blessing to the coming generation.

I come in peace.🙋🏿‍♂️