How To Market Your Product or Service Online Even If You're Broke

For every problem in life, there's always a solution. In fact,we can always have option of solutions if we can take keen look at the problems. Our marketing challenge is not exceptional.

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But how is this possible?

You must be able to trade your time and energy for money you don't have. You must do the work yourself. When you have money, you can hire people to do the work for you and save yourself from tiring work and invest your time in something else.

You have to be prepared to use some good old elbow grease. From market research to website/social-media management set up to content creation and marketing, you need to do everything yourself.

It’s a hard grind at the start. This is how 99% of all successful marketers without silver spoon start.

Nevertheless, I have some tips to let you kickstart your marketing journey online even with an empty pocket.

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1. Use free tools

I started with for keyword research tools until I migrated to ahrefs

Semrush.combuzzsumokeywordtools.ioUbersuggest's Free Keyword Tool are other free Keywords tools available.

If your business will involves email marketing, you can use Mailchimp and which is free for marketers with less than 2000 email subscribers.

I personally use mailerlite because of it flexibility and user experience. To create images and graphics, use canva. With, you can go far with getting any design done.
Unsplash is my reliable source for free high quality images

And how could you forget Sumo, one of the best free marketing tools on the web.

2. Write quality contents

You must start writing good quality contents. You can't give what you don't have. That means, you must read and write daily far better than your competitors. Your contents must be indept, captivating and simplified.

Write more with Calmly Writer. Read more with feedly

3. Build and email list

From day one, if you really want to go far with your online business you must build your email list. You need to offer free incentives to capture people's emails.

Moonsend can be a useful resources here.

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4. Be Market Specific

Targeting a very specific market is important even if you have a huge marketing budget. But when you’re broke, it’s an absolute necessity because you don’t have the money to experiment. You can’t throw a dozen things on a wall to see what sticks.

5. Join social media groups

Facebook now has more than 2 billion monthly active users, hundreds of millions of which are active users of different Facebook groups. Imagine joining some few and sharing your contents and comments that proofs your expertise?

6. Offer to work for free

Extend your helping hand to some expert in your industry, it can in return be to your advantage. I wrote an ebook and a needed a cover design for it. I got a free service here from a follower.

Though the service would have cost me $20 but I offer him in return a copy of the $47 book for free and he got lots of recommendation from me.

He got lots of design sales link from me alone. He can easily grow his list that would result into more future sales.

7. Build Your Network with Other Successful Marketer

Building your network takes time because it requires genuine interactions between real people. But it can be accelerated if you follow a well-defined process.

Follow their social profiles & interest with their posts. All these is not an easy task, but it is doable. Being broke today does not mean you will forlife. You just have to start somewhere and want grow.

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Author : Kekeocha Justin