5 tips to increase your chances of getting admission

1. Do not have any preferred school. Only a few have the luck of getting admission to their preferred school.

2. Do not have a preferred supervisor. This is because the admission committee may or may not include your supervisor.

Besides, your supervisor can only present your case, if he is chanced, and you have fully convinced him. The committee has the final decision.

3. Do not have a preferred country. The more countries you apply to, the higher your chances.

4. Look for students from your home country who are in that school. Use LinkedIn to search for the name of your school. You will see people in that school, send a request.

5. Don't be afraid to fail. The truth is that you may not get the result on time. But, I have not seen a consistent person without results.


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Tags: graduate school,admission

Author : Kekeocha Justin