GRE Verbal Hint

If you are preparing for GRE, I know verbal is a big issue, especially the complex vocabularies that you have to cram.

Let me give you a clue: Cramming is not enough because you need to understand the contextual use of those 'big grammars'. The best way to achieve this is to improve your reading ability.

Reading comprehension takes almost half of the whole verbal questions.

Therefore, it's always wise that you improve your reading comprehension. This is a better way of getting a good score than cramming grammar that you may not even see during the exams🤣. This does not, however, undermine the need for vocabulary development.

Reading comprehension will enable you to better understand the use of those grammars. Let me give you practical steps:

1. Got to this website: Arts & Letters Daily , scroll down to see the 'newspapers' section as shown below:Newspapers

2. Open the ones I marked below: This will take you to the main websites of those newspapers.


3. Most of those papers will allow you to read 4-5 articles for free, and then ask you to subscribe. However, there is always a way if you don't have money:

a. Connect your phone's hotspot to your laptop if you don't have internet access.

b. Open each link on both phone and laptop. This means you can read 8-10 articles for free, using both phone and laptop.

So, if you have opened 10 articles, you can read almost 80 articles for free using both phone and laptop.

4. Make sure you learn to read short, medium, and long articles every day by reading major sections of the articles as shown below. You don't need to necessarily understand what they are talking about when you start;you are training your mind to concentrate on details. Hence, avoid all distractions.wall street journal

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5. Write out the main points in the articles you have read without looking at the articles again.

6. Try to make sense of what you are reading, by relating it to what you already know. It makes comprehension easy.

7. Read 3-4 articles in a day for 2 weeks, then attempt the GRE verbal again and observe how your score will improve.

If you do this consistently, you are almost sure of getting all the comprehension questions. You can then apply your 'cramming' for the vocabulary sections. Another method is to simply open this link: newspapers in USA

Then open each newspaper and apply the same idea described above. 


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Author : Kekeocha Justin