SOLVED : GBWhatsApp blocked by Google Play Protect

GBWhatsApp is a Modified mobile app or mod APK developed by a third party known for offering a lot of amazing features not available to users who use the regular Whatsapp. These cool features on GBWhatsApp includes but is not limited to:

  • Viewing deleted contents such as messages and status
  • Fingerprint security, to ensure more privacy.
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) mode, for users seeking less distractions from their WhatsApp contacts
  • Dark mode
  • Theme customization
  • Dual accounts with a sing phone

These host of features are what have made GBWhatsApp very important over the regular WhatsApp. Since we have already established the importance of GBWhatsApp to many Andriod users, we will go on to teach : 

  • What is play protect in Google Play Protect?
  • How to Stop play protect from deleting and blocking GBWhatsApp
  • Why GB WhatsApp is harmful for my device?

  • Is GB WhatsApp harmful?

  • Is GB app secure?

  • Is GB WhatsApp end to end encrypted?

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Before we dive into these we want to first of all understand Google Play Protect

What is play protect in Google Play?

Play protect is Google's android malware defense application. Play protect, scans your android device everyday for malicious apps. Play protect also prevents the installation of untrusted applications, maybe from playstore and other sources. Does this mean GBWhatsapp is harmful? probably not. We treat this later in this article.

For now, lets get straight to the point

Google Playprotect blocking GBwhatsapp

How to stop Google Play Protect from deleting and blocking GBWhatsApp

I am using an Infinix Note 8i running on Android Dolphin version 7.0 for this tutorial, so pardon me if my steps are different for your own device, but it shouldn't be so different.

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  1. Go to the settings applications on your phone
  2. Scroll to security and click it.
  3. Under security, you will find Google play protect at Security status.
  4. Click on Google play protect.
  5. At Google play protect click the top right 'settings' like button.
  6. At play protect settings, look for 'Scan apps with play protect. Play protect can scan this device and warn you about harmful apps'.
  7. Turn if off. 
  8. You can now try to install GBWhatsApp again

When you turn this off, you will get a notification that says 'Play protect wont be able to scan apps from outside of play'. What this means is that your device is now vulnerable to harmful apps. I will advice you now become extra careful with apps you install on your device from now on, as you can expose your device to hackers. Does this mean that GBWhatsApp harmful?

Play protect wont be able to scan apps from outside of play

Why GB WhatsApp is harmful for my device?

The main concern for the use of GB WhatsApp is the tampering of privacy and stealing of data. Since GBWhatsApp is developed by a third party with little to no credibility and almost none, when compared to the Facebook team; GBWhatsApp cannot be fully trusted and can begin harvesting user data any time these rogue developers feel like it. While there are no hard evidence for this on the internet, it will be unwise to entirely wipe off the possibility of this happening.

What probably happened is that Whatsapp reported GBWhatsApp to Google playstore, this is why they are cracking down on users of GB Whatsapp; by deleting the application on their device. Since the method of banning users by WhatsApp is sort of not ideal in the long run.

Is GB WhatsApp harmful?

Currently, there are no reports of GB WhatsApp causing harm to it's users. Currently, they only profit from the app by displaying ads to it's users. Therefore stealing users's data and invading their privacy, might not be very viable to them at the moment. But since they are rogue developers in the internet, with no one to hold them accountable, if anything of such happens; the likelihood of this happening is not near zero.

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Is GB app secure?

At the time of writing this article? Yes. As already stated in the previous paragraph, GB app have no reports of causing harm on the internet.

Is GB WhatsApp end to end encrypted?

There are even a lot of controversies about Whatsapp; the base APK on which GB Whatsapp. Questions by the public on if it is truly is end to end encrypted. So if Whatsapp the base APK is not truly end to end encrypted, then it affects GB WhatsApp too. Since WhatsApp is not an open source application, there is no way to truly know if is End to end encrypted. No one has access to the applications codebase to know if it is End to end encrypted or not. We just have to take their word for it. 

If you have any questions about the steps above, feel free drop a comment below.

Updated on 3:42-am June 4, 2023

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