How to do your university clearance with little or no money

Do you find it hard to finish up with your university Clearance? Do not worry as we have your solution here, to help you finish up quickly and move on to serve Nigeria.

Nigerian students preparing for clearance

A lot of students find it frustrating to finish their university clearance after their stay in campus. In our bid to keep helping Nigerian students in their Journey to excellence, we have decided to write the post and hope you find it helpful. 


1. Department : You have to start with your department. Go to your department with your  Department dues receipt and proceed with clearance as stipulated by your department. Your course adviser should be off great help to your here.

2. Library: Head to School library with your library card. If lost go with 200 Naira.

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3. Faculty clearance @ Dean's office: staple the following documents and move to your faculty's dean's office with it
a.  Clearance form 
 b.  Dept dues(cleared copies) 
 c.  Surcharge fee recept 
 d.  school fees receipts 
e. Alumni receipt
f.  Convocation receipt
g.  Student union government  receipt 
h.  Acceptance fee receipt

4. Workshop:  Go to  workshop 2 downstairs, once u enter d building inside, look for a  cubicle adjacent to you  by your Left introduce yourself to them and tell them to help your out with clearance..

5. Security 1 @ workshop 2. Also near the entrance, move to your right . Enter the room by your left at the machine section. 

6. Security 2 @ senate:  Ask the security guard to direct u to the room for  clearance. 

7. Account clearance @ SEET HEAD:  locate your department section... Or ask security guard / first room/post office

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8. Students affair @ old registrar: ( registrar stamp and sports clearance).

Nb: u can do 8 before 6&7

9. Registry @ SEET head upstairs:  (The place we went to  check your admission), they should direct you for collection of  your statement of result. 

10. Medical fitness @ medical. Enter inside and head  to the first passage by your right.. 

Please note that some  will ask for money , use diplomacy to get through them 

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