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Experience taught me that if your mind isn't in the right place, no thread, article, book, course, live training or mastermind will help you.Thats why 2 different people learn the same thing, one makes millions, the other zero.


This thread is in Four Parts

Step 1: Reprogram your brain.

Step 2: Discover your niche.

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Step 3: Identify a market problem.

Step 4: Market & sell it successfully. 

Reprogram your brain

 Reprogram your brain First, you must take ownership of your life and your current situation. Nobody will do it for you. You create what you want. Don't say it's harder here. We already know that. Don't disturb us. Allow us to work. Work too if you want change.

Self awareness is the key to success at ANYTHING Who are you? Do you know you? What's your psychology, how to do see yourself (self image), what biases do you currently own. If a business model conflicts with a bias you hold dear, you won't succeed at it, try as you may.

What are your interests? What behavior patterns do you exhibit? Are there personal flaws that will affect executing on what you'll learn here today? Work on that. You have to change your inner identity.

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The unconscious controls your conscious life There are hidden reasons that drive your unwanted behavior and decisions. What are they? Learn to catch your own thought and behavior patterns as they fire you into responding. One thing I learn is to never dwell on pain, failure or disappointment, now matter how large or devastating. Never.

Rebuild your belief blocks Taking an audit of everything you believe to be true and rebuilding it from the ground up. Question them. Are they really true? Or were they handed down to you by family, church, Govt, school? Many folks carry wrong beliefs around and it affects how they act, react, their decisions and progress.

Master laser-precision focus You need this to learn how to stick to something, else you will be distracted by the slightest things. You must shut out life's noise and concentrate intensely for extended periods of time at will. This is also one of the  cure for procrastination.

Lack of self-discipline and propensity to be impulsive Lack of self discipline is the entrepreneur's greatest enemy .If this or anything else must work, you must learn how to control your impulses, stick to plans, follow directions, see things through to completion and never waver on goals.

Anyone who told you starting a business is Fun lied  You must be WILLING, ABLE and POSSESS extreme grit so that you can work, 12-hour days, 6-day weeks, for months and years on end. This could be your life now till you die. Can you? Being able to do all this should put the hard truth  before your face,that running a business is totally different from what people think or say.

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Discover your niche

You don't know what a niche is? A niche as it relates to business is about topics of interest to and that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. You don't want to consult about everything before you can produce something in the niche you choose.You should be an expert in this area, an area you can expertly control, advice, and create products and services in that you can sell to people interested in that area.

Find an area you're interested in, focus on it and understand it better than anybody else.

Here is a list of niches and sub-niche (niches within niches) you can choose/focus on.

NOTE: This list is not exhaustive. What I have here is what I have been able to come up with for now

1. Law

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- Bank claims (overpaid interest, illegal deductions, overcharges & refunds),Insurance claims,Dispute resolution

.2. Banking and Finance

- Tax,Bookkeeping,Insurance,Money management, Investing ,Crypto currency and Block chain, Loans

3. Sex and Relationships

- Marriage counseling, Dating advice,Divorce management

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4. Heath, Fitness and Medicine

- Consultation,Health insurance,Weight Loss and Diet, Supplements

5. Beauty

-Skin care,Hair care,Beauty business

6. Technology

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- Programming,Software use training ( example: people are making millions teaching others how to use Excel. Yes, the excel from Microsoft)

7. Travel

- Visa advisory and application,Travel business training,Bookings,Emigration (Canada, Australia).

8. Education

- STEM(Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) ,Learning difficulty,Language training,Certification exam coaching (IELTS, SAT, PLAB 1 & 2, etc),School Abroad),

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9. Jobs and Employment

- Foreign work,Freelance

10. Marketing, Advertising and Sales

- Facebook Ads ,Instagram Ads ,Google,Sales Training,Sales Closing,Digital Strategy,SEO,Data Analytics,Lead Generation,Network Marketing (home parties, direct sales)

11. Real Estate

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- Industry business training,Real Estate marketing,Document processing

12. Buildings and Construction

 - Civil Works,Interior design and decorations.

13. Photo and Film

- Photography,Videography (recording and editing),YouTube,Event coverage

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14. Agriculture

- Poultry,Fisheries,Piggery,Gardening

let's continue,your job is to identify a niche you're proficient in or can obtain expert proficiency in so you can advice others about it and get paid for it. Once you do this you're golden and can go on to...

Identify a market problem

You next want to Identify a painful widespread problem the people in your niche have. For example, businesses and solo entrepreneurs who promote their business online are horrible at creating marketing and ads that work online.he problem MUST be PAINFUL, URGENTLY needs to be solved and A LOT of people in the niche should have it.

How do you identify what this:

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  1. Work from the market backwards: All ideas you come up with should originate from your market not your brain. You serve them, not yourself. What problems do they have? What do they complain about. To find out, search forums (hello Nairaland).Use the Google Keyword Planner and look for what keywords people are searching for, look at Facebook groups and see what questions people are asking, and so on. You can also use a keyword planner tool like as alternative to Google's keyword planner.
  2. Focus on customer obsession: As a businessman, you are a servant. Don't forget that. Have the top-of-mind thinking that whatever solution you create MUST always do what's best for your customer, because that is what's best for you, you just don't know it yet.
  3. Your powerful solution must take advantage of an existing opportunity. Don't sell a solution, every Tom, Dick and Harry and their Auntie's cousin is selling. Then you have to seek market validation. Will the market buy your solution? For how much? You have to test FIRST.
  4. When your market test is successful, Then you have to design it and create a system for delivering it. Then you must continually improve that solution, and create differentiated products off it. Example, you can - have books, coaching, D-F-Y, paid webinars, etc.


Market & sell it successfully

Finally, you have to market your solution. If no one knows you exist, you won't sell a thing. You also must be bold about telling people about your solution that you have which can solve their problem and you must be unashamed about this.

There are three parts to this:

i. Advertising: You need to create adverts that get attention, and generate interest, leads, appointments and hot prospects ready to buy. You can do this via PPC advertising, Facebook ads, radio, flyer marketing, etc.

ii. Funnels: You have to create a website funnel. Your website funnel has to be designed in such a way that it can take people seamlessly from a point of apathy to a point where they believe your solution is right for them so much they pay for whatever you ask for it.

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iii. Sales: Next you need to close the people who come through your funnel. Sometimes your sales page can do the job, sometimes you need to take it further using either personal sales calls or written scripts or via a phone call. However you sell, you do it ethically, handle objections and aim to help the best people who represent the people in your market who need your service.

That's it. I hope you learnt a lot. Feel free to add what have also worked for you in your entrepreneur journey in the comment section below.

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