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Communication in English

Author: GST

School: Federal University, Kashere

Department: Education

Course Code: GST101

Topics: Communication, study skills, listening skills, listening, speaking, vowels, stress, intonation, reading, reading skills, study techniques, Figures of speech, morpheme, parts of speech, noun pronoun

Method Course 1

Author: Gee roophai

School: University of Ilorin

Department: Education

Course Code: EDU213

Topics: Educational mythology, teaching approaching, teaching methods, teaching techniques, Teacher-centered approach, Students-centered approach, Mid-way approach, methods of teaching, lecturing method, Discussion method, field trip method, project method, Demonstration method, √Laboratory method, Questioning method, Discovery method, Collaborating method, inquiry-based method, aim, objectives, goals, evalauation, self assesment, learner assesment, discipline

Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice ,3rd edition

Author: Kimiz Dalkir

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Education

Course Code: LIS212

Topics: Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Processes, Knowledge Management Models, Knowledge Capture, knowledge Codification, Knowledge Sharing, finding knowledge, organizational culture, Knowledge Management Tools, Knowledge Management Strategy, Knowledge Management Planning, Evaluating Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Organizational Memory, Knowledge Continuity Management, Knowledge Management Team, Knowledge Management Resources

History of Adult Education in Nigeria

Author: Michael Omolewa

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Education

Course Code: ADE301

Topics: Adult Education, Adult Education Practice, literarcy, Muslim Scholars, Spread of Islam, Mass Literacy Campaigns, Remedial Education, distance education, Liberal Education, Voluntary Organisations

Fundamentals of Biomechanics, 4th edition

Author: Nihat Özkaya, Dawn Leger, David Goldsheyder, Margareta Nordin

School: University of Ilorin

Department: Education

Course Code: HKE412

Topics: force vector, moment, torque vectors, statics, dynamics, linear kinematics, linear kinetics, angular kinematics, angular kinetics, impulse, momentum, deformable body mechanics, stress, strain, Multiaxial Deformations, Stress Analysis

The world's writing systems

Author: Peter Daniels, William Bright

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Education

Course Code: LIS118

Topics: writing systems, grammatology, Mesopotamian Cuneiform, Egyptian writing, Meroitic script, epigraphic semitic script, Iberian script, Berber script, Anatolian Hieroglyphs, Aegean scripts, Old Persian Cuneiform, Decipherment, proto-Elamite script, Indus script, Maya script, Mesoamerican script, East Asian writing systems, Early Chinese writing, Modern Chinese writing, Chinese writing, Korean writing, Japan writing, Siniform scripts, Yi script, Asian calligraphy, European writing systems, Phoenician script, Greek alphabet, Anatolian alphabet, coptic alphabet, Gothic alphabet, scripts of Italy, Roman alphabet, Runic script, Ogham, Slavic alphabet, Armenian alphabet, Georgian alphabet, South Asian writing systems, Brahmi, Kharoshthi, Devanagari script, Gujarati writing, Gurmukhi script, Bengali writing, Oriya writing, Sinhala writing, Kannada and telugu writing, Malayalam writing, Tamil writing, Tibetan script, southeast Asian writing systems, Burmese writing, Brahmi script, Thai and Lao writing, khmer writing, Insular southeast asian scripts, Middle easter writing systems, Jewish scripts, Aramaic scripts, Arabic writing, Dhivehi writing, Ethiopic writing, Cherokee writing, cree syllabary, Pahawh hmong script

Historical Development of Educational Administration in Nigeria

Author: Olu Ogunsanwo

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Education

Course Code: EME103

Topics: Educational Administration, Traditional African Education, western education, Government Interest in Education, Educational Development, Political Development

Psychological Foundation of education

Author: DA Adeyemo

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Education

Course Code: GCE101

Topics: Educational Psychology, learning, Behaviour Modification, personality, learning, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence models, Piaget, Cognitive Development, motivation, intelligence memory, forgetting, thinking skills, Adolescent Development

Introduction to Book Publishing

Author: Clement Adeniyi Akangbe

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Education

Course Code: LIS118

Topics: Book Publishing, communication, writing, electronic media, print media, publishing, book anatomy, Electronic Publishing

Introduction to Technical Drawing Lecturer note

Author: ITE116

School: Federal University of Technology, Minna

Department: Education

Course Code: ITE116

Topics: Lettering, border line, title block, construction, geometrical construction, geometrical shapes


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