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Medical, Pharmaceutical And Health Science Books

Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Pharmacology ,Seventh Edition

Author: Karen Whalen, Carinda Feild, Rajan Radhakrishnan

School: University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: PHA301, PHA302, PHA401, PHA402, PHA403, PHA404, PHA405, PHA406

Topics: Drug Therapy, Pharmacokinetics, Drug–Receptor Interactions, Pharmacodynamics, Autonomic Nervous System, Cholinergic Agonists, Cholinergic Antagonists, Adrenergic Agonists, Adrenergic Antagonists, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Anxiolytic drugs, Hypnotic Drugs, Antidepressants, Antipsychotic Drugs, Anesthetics, Opioids, CNS Stimulants, Antihypertensives, diuretics, Heart Failure, epilepsy, Antiarrhythmics, Antianginal Drugs, Anticoagulants, Antiplatelet Agents, Hyperlipidemia, Endocrine System, Pituitary, Thyroid, diabetes, estrogen, androgen, adrenal hormone, bone metabolism, Chemotherapeutic Drugs, Antimicrobial Therapy, Cell Wall Inhibitors, Protein Synthesis Inhibitors, Quinolones, Folic Acid Antagonists, Urinary Tract Antiseptics, Antimycobacterial Drugs, Antifungal Drugs, Antiviral Drugs, Anticancer Drugs, Immunosuppressants, Histamine, Serotonin, Anti-inflammatory Agents, Antipyretic Agents, Analgesic Agents, Gastrointestinal drugs, Antiemetic Drugs, Urologic Disorders, anemia, Dermatologic Disorders, Clinical Toxicology, drugs of abuse, Antiprotozoal Drugs, Anthelmintic Drugs

Biochemistry ,6th edition

Author: Reginald Garrett, Charles Grisham

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: BIC

Topics: Biochemistry, water, cell, biological systems thermodynamics, amino acids, peptic bond, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, membranes, membrane transport, nucleotides, nucleic acids, Recombinant DNA, Cloning, Chimeric Genes, Synthetic Biology, proteindynamics, Enzymes, enzyme action, enzyme action, enzyme regulation, molecular motors, glycosis, Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle, Electron Transport, Oxidative Phosphorylation, Photosynthesis, Gluconeogenesis, Glycogen Metabolism, Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Fatty Acid Catabolism, Lipid Biosynthesis, Nitrogen Acquisition, Amino Acid Metabolism, Metabolic Integration, Organ Specialization, metabolism, metabolism regulation, information transfer, DNA Metabolism, Transcription, Regulation of Gene Expression, protein synthesis, Protein Life Cycle, Extracellular Information

Physiology,Seventh edition

Author: Linda Costanzo

School: University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: PYS2, PYS3


Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-surgical Nursing ,14th edition

Author: Janice Hinkle, Kerry Cheever

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: NSG217

Topics: surgical Nursing, medical nursing, Health Care Delivery, Evidence-Based Nursing Practice, Community-Based Nursing Practice, Nursing Process, Health Education, Health Promotion, Adult Health, Nutritional Assessment, Individual Adaptation, Family Homeostasis, Stress, Adaptation, Transcultural Nursing, Genetics, Genomics, Chronic Illness, Disability, Rehabilitation, Older Adult health care, Pain Management, patient management, Fluid Balance, Electrolyte Balance, Fluid Disturbance, electrolyte disturbance, Shock and Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome, Oncologic Disorders, End-of-Life Care, Nursing Management, preoperative Nursing Management, Intraoperative Nursing Management, Postoperative Nursing Management, Gas Exchange, Respiratory Function, Respiratory Function assessment, Respiratory Care Modalities, Upper Respiratory Tract Disorders, Chest Disorders, Lower Respiratory Tract Disorders, Chronic Pulmonary Disease, Cardiovascular Function, Circulatory Function, Assessment of Cardiovascular Function, Dysrhythmias, Conduction Problems, Coronary Vascular Disorders, Cardiac Disorders, Heart Disease, Peripheral Circulation, vascular disorders, Hypertension, Hematologic Function, Nonmalignant Hematologic Disorders, Hematologic Neoplasms, Immunologic Function, Immune Deficiency Disorders, Allergic Disorders, Rheumatic Disorders, Musculoskeletal Function, Emergency Nursing, Mass Casualty, Disaster Nursing, Infectious Diseases, Neurologic Function, Neurologic Dysfunction, Cerebrovascular Disorders, Neurologic Trauma, Neurologic Infections, Autoimmune Disorders, Neuropathies, Oncologic Neurologic Disorders, Degenerative Neurologic Disorders, Sensory Function, Integumentary Function, Dermatologic Disorders, burn injury, Reproductive Function, breast disorder, Female Physiologic Processes, Male Reproductive Disorders, Kidney Function, Urinary Tract Function, Metabolic Function, Endocrine Function

Color Atlas of Pharmacology ,Fifth edition

Author: Heinz Luellmann, Klaus Mohr, Lutz Hein

School: University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: PHA301, PHA302, PHA401, PHA402, PHA403, PHA404, PHA405, PHA406

Topics: Drug Sources, Drug Benefit Assessment, Congeneric Drugs, Drug Administration, Oral Dosage Forms, dermatological agents, drug distribution, Drug Action, membrance permeation, drug transporters, drug elimination, drug metabolism, enteroheptaic circulation, presystemic elimination, pharmacokinetics, druig concentration, accumulation, dose-response relationship, drug-receptor interaction, agonists-antagonists, enantioselectivity, G-protein-couples receptors, plasma concentration, adverse drug effects, drug allergy, cutaenous reactions, pregnancy, lactation, drug-independent effects, cutaneous reaction, placebo theraphy, systems pharmacology, sympathetic system, cathecholamine actions, sympathomimetics, indirect sympathomimetics, Parasympathetic Nervous System, Parasympathetic Functions, Cholinergic Synapse, Parasympathomimetics, Parasympatholytics, biogenic agents, dopamine, histamine, serotonin, amino acids, vasodilators, organic nitrates, calcium antagonists, Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System, ACE Inhibitors, smooth muscle, cardiac Drugs, Cardiac Glycosides, antiarrhythmic drugs, antianemic agents, anemias, iron compounds, antithrombotic agents, thrombosis therapy, Vitamin K, Heparin, fibrinolytics, platelet aggregation, plasma volume expanders, hyperlipoproteinemias, lipid-lowering agents, diuretics, water reabsorption, vasopressin, water and electrolyte disorders, Gastrointestinal Tract, Hyperacidity, antidiarrheal agents, motor system, muscle relaxants, nociceptors, pain, analgesics, eicosanoids, antipyretic analgesics, local anesthetics, opioids, General Anesthesia and General Anesthetic Drugs.lnhalational Anesthetics, Injectable Anesthetics, Anxiolytics, benzodiazepines, depressive illness, manic state, schizophrenia, endocrine system, hypothalamic hormone, hypophyseal hormone, thyroid hormone therapy, hyperthroidism, antithyroid drugs, glucocorticoid therapy, androgen, anabolic steroid, antiandrogen, follicular growth, ovulation, antibacterial drugs, antifungal drugs, antiviral drugs, antiparasitic drugs, tropical diseases, anticancer drugs, immune modulators

Thermodynamics , 8th edition instructor's solution manual

Author: Yunus Cengel, Michael Boles, Mehmet Kanoglu

School: Bayero University, Kano

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: EGR2205

Topics: Thermodynamics, energy, energy transfer, energy analysis, closed systems, mass analysis, second law of thermodynamics, entropy, exergy, gas power cycles, refrigeration cycles, thermodynamic properties relations, gas mixtures, gas-vapor mixtures, air-conditioning, chemical reactions, chemical equilibrium, phase equilibrium, compressible flow, renewable energy

Practical Biochemistry for Students

Author: VK Malhotra

School: University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: BIC

Topics: carbohydrate, achromic point, proteins, isoelectric point, lipids saponification number, iodine number, formal titration

Nursing research ,10th edition

Author: Denise Polit, Cheryl Tatano Beck

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: NSG318

Topics: Nursing research, Evidence-Based Nursing, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Nursing Study, Quantitative Research Design, Quantitative Research, data collection, sampling, measurement, data quality, Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Multivariate Statistics, Quantitative Data Analysis, Quantitative Results, Qualitative Research Design, Qualitative Data Analysis, Feasibility Assessments, Pilot Tests, Writing Proposals, Disseminating Evidence, Reporting Research Findings, Research Evidence, Meta-Analysis, Metasynthesis, Mixed Studies Review

Biochemistry ,9th edition

Author: Jeremy Berg, John Tymoczko, Gregory Gatto, Lubert Stryer

School: University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: BIC201, BIC202, BIC203, BIC301, BIC302

Topics: Protein Composition, Protein Structure, proteome, DNA, RNA, Genetic Information, genes, genomes, Evolution, Bioinformatics, Hemoglobin, Enzymes, Catalytic Strategies, Regulatory Strategies, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Cell Membranes, Membrane Channels, Membrane Pumps, Signal-Transduction Pathways, Metabolism, Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, Citric Acid Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation, Light Reactions, Photosynthesis, Calvin Cycle, Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Glycogen Metabolism, Fatty Acid Metabolism, Protein Turnover, Amino Acid Catabolism, Nucleotide Biosynthesis, Membrane Lipids, Membrane Steroids, Drug Development, DNA Replication, DNA Repair, DNA Recombination, RNA Synthesis, RNA Processing, Protein Synthesis, Gene Expression, Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, Sensory Systems, Immune System, Molecular Motors

Medical sociology ,14th edition

Author: William Cockerham

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science

Course Code: NSG215

Topics: Medical sociology, Epidemiology, social demography, health illness, social stress, health behavior, illness behavior, seeking healthcare, sick role, doctor-patient interaction, providing health care, Physicians, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Pharmacists, Midwives.Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Hospitals, health care delivery systems, Health Care Reform, Health Policy, Global Health Care


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