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Introduction to Nigerian Legal method, Second edition

Author: Abiola Sanni

School: University of Lagos

Department: Law

Course Code: LAW101, LAW102

Topics: Legal Method, Features of Law, theories of Law, Positivist School, Pure Theory of Law, Natural Law School, Historical School, Sociological School, Utilitarian School, Functional School, Realist School, evolution of law, dispute settlement, Remedies, order, justice, Formal Justice, Substantive Justice, freedom, Freedom of Contract, Political Freedom, State, Legitimacy, Sovereignty, Consensus Model, Conflict Model, Pluralist Model, Open Model, Marxism, morality, Individual Liberty, Public Morality, Eternal Law, types of law, classification of law, social control, Grievance Remedial Technique, Constitutive Technique, legal reasoning, legal language, Legal Rhetoric, Legal Logic, Syllogism, Deductive Logic, justification, fact finding, dispute resolution, Criminal Procedure, adversarial method, inquisitorial method, Non-adjudicatory method, Reconciliation, Conciliation, Mediation, arbitation, legal reasoning, judicial precedent, Per Incuriam, Obiter Dictum, legal writing

Contemporary Canadian Business Law, 12th edition

Author: John Willes, John Willes

School: National Open University of Nigeria

Department: Law

Course Code: JIL447

Topics: Business Law, legal environment, legal system, judicial system, dispute resolution, business regulations, law of torts, Intentional Torts, Negligence, Unintentional Torts, contract law, breach of contract, Law of Sole Proprietorship, Law of Partnership, law of agency, corporation law, securities regulation, employment, labor relations, law of property, law of bailment, sale of goods, law of mortgages, leasehold interests, intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyright, franchising, consumer protection legislation, debt security, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, insurance law, Restrictive Trade Practices, International Business Law, Environmental Law, Privacy Law

Learning the law, Tenth edition

Author: Glanville Williams

School: University of Ilorin

Department: Law

Course Code: JIL101

Topics: common law, crime, civil wrong, criminal jurisdiction, pleadings, equity, law report, statues, periodicals, legal abbreviation, case law technique, moot, mock trial, legal research

The Concept of Law, 3rd edition

Author: HLA Hart

School: National Open University of Nigeria

Department: Law

Course Code: JLS211

Topics: Law, morality, power, legal theory, commands, order, legal system, justice, legal obligation, moral ideals, social criticism, legal validity, moral value, international law

Lecture Notes on Legal Method I

Author: Kenneth Ikechukwu Ajibo

School: Godfrey Okoye University

Department: Law

Course Code: JIL111

Topics: Legal Method, Law, Theories of Law, Schools of Law, Aspect of Law, Types of Law, Classifications of Law, Legal Reasoning, Judicial Precedent, Functions of Law, Law and Order, Law and Justice, Law and Freedom, Law and State, Law and Legitimacy, Law and Sovereignty, Law and Morality, Law and Human Rights, Democracy, Constitution, Constitutionalism, Rule of Law, Theories of Law, Positivist School, Pure theory of Law, Natural Law School, Historical Law School, Sociological Law School, Utilitarian School, Functional School, Realist School, Eternal Law, Divine law, Natural law, Human law, Positive law, Primary Law, Secondary Law, Conflicts of Laws, Private International Law, Social Control, Penal Techniques, Criminal Justice, Grievance, Remedial Techniques, Civil Justice, Private Arranging Technique, Constitutive Technique, Administrative Regulatory Technique, Taxation, Fiscal Technique, Financial measures, Public Benefit Conferral Technique, Legal Reasoning, Language of Law, Legal Rhetoric, Syllogism, Deductive Logic, Legal Logic, Inductive Logic

Business Law, 8th edition

Author: Ewan Macintyre

School: National Open University of Nigeria

Department: Law

Course Code: LAW441, JIL441

Topics: Business Law, legal system, civil courts, criminal courts, legal personnel, legal profession, judiciary, juries, law reform, law reporting, misrepresentation, duress, undue influence, illegal contracts, void contracts, breach of contract, sales of goods, agency, law of torts, negligence, negligent misstatement, private nuisance, public nuisance, strict liability, defamation, vicarious liability, economic torts, credit transactions, partnership, auditor, company registers, annual return, shareholders, resolutions, minority protection, debentures, loan capital, Limited liability partnerships, employment, Public sector equality duty, business property, copyright, patents, trade marks

The English legal system, 8th edition

Author: Jacqueline Martin

School: Edo University

Department: Law

Course Code: PUL111, PUL112

Topics: English Legal System, Law, morality, Justice, rule of law, customs, common law, equity, judicial precedent, supreme court, Court of appeal, Privy Council, judges, overruling, judicial law-making, parliament, House of lords, House of commons, European union law, Bills, Parliamentary sovereignty, bylaws, Delegated legislation, European Court of Justice, European law, Statutory interpretation, literal rule, golden rule, mischief rule, Law reform, civil cases, codification, negotiation, county court, Woolf reforms, high court, Appellate courts, Arbitration, mediation, tribunals, Crime, police investigations, crime statistics, Legislative history, Runciman Commission, police powers, road checks, Pre-trial hearings, bail, Crown Prosecution Service, criminal courts, Magistrates’ Courts, youth courts, crown court, sentencing, Young offenders, legal profession, solicitor, barristers, Queen’s Counsel, judiciary, judicial law, Lord Chancellor, Law Officers, Attorney-General, Solicitor-General, magistrates, Lay magistrates, juries, jury system, jury qualifications, jury trial, legal aid, legal advice, Human rights

Maritime Law, 6th edition

Author: Christopher Hill

School: National Open University of Nigeria

Department: Law

Course Code: LAW531, JIL531

Topics: Maritime Law, ownership, registration, ship mortgages, admiralty jurisdiction, maritime claims, liens, sovereign immunity, bills of lading, collisions, salvage, towage, pilotage

Treitel The Law of Contract, 14th edition

Author: Edwin Peel

School: National Open University of Nigeria

Department: Law

Course Code: LAW233, LAW234

Topics: Law of Contract, agreement, conditional agreements, parole evidence rule, mistake, unilateral mistake, misrepresentation, Rescission, duress, undue influence, unconscionable bargains, consumer protection, illegality, restitution, mental incapacity, plurality of parties, plurality of debtors, plurality of creditors, common law doctrine, agency, breach, anticipatory breach, frustration, damages

The English Legal System

Author: Gary Slapper, David Kelly

School: University of Ilorin

Department: Law

Course Code: JIL101

Topics: law, legal study, rule of law, human rights, law legislation, European union, primary legislation, statutory interpretation, law reform, case law, law reporting, binding precedent, European context, European union law, civil court, civil process, tribunal service, court of appeal, supreme court, documentation, procedures, appeals, remedies, damages, equitable remedies, costs, family courts, family law, criminal courts, criminal appeals, stop and search, arrest, interrogation, confession, admissibility of evidence, crown prosecution service, bail, plea bargaining, judiciary, judicial offers, magistrates, law, logic, reasoning, politics, judicial review, judicial reasoning, jury, jury trial, arbitration, tribunal adjudication, dispute resolution, meditation, conciliation, administrative tribunal, ombudsman, legal services, legal profession, solicitors, barristers, professional etiquette, courts, legal services act, legal aid


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