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Administration, Social And Management Science Books

Psychology in Modules, 13th edition

Author: David Myers, Nathan DeWall

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: PSY102

Topics: Psychology, Psychological Science, Neural Communication, neural system, hormonal system, nervous system, endocrine system, Cerebral Cortex, mind, Consciousness, sleep, dreams, drugs, consciousness, two-track mind, nature, nurture, human diversity, behavior genetics, Evolutionary Psychology, culture, gender diversity, Developmental Issues, Prenatal Development, Newborn, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, sensation, perception, vision, sensory processing, perceptual processing, Nonvisual senses, learning, Classical Conditioning, cognition, memory, thinking, Forgetting, Memory Construction, Improving Memory, thinking, language, thought, intelligence, Intelligence Assessment, intelligence Dynamics, hunger, sexual motivation, affiliation, achievement, emotions, stress, health, illness, Social Psychology, Social thinking, Social influence, antisocial relations, prosocial relations, personality, Psychodynamic Theories, Humanistic Theories, Trait Theories, Social-Cognitive Theories, Psychological Disorders, Anxiety-Related Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenia, Dissociative Disorders, Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Therapy, Psychological Therapies, Evaluating Psychotherapies, Biomedical Therapies

Macro Economic Theory 12th edition

Author: ML Jhingan

School: National Open University of Nigeria

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: ECO341, ECO342

Topics: Macro Economic Theory, National Income, Economic Welfare, National Income Accounting, Circular Flow of Income, Say's Law of Market, Effective Demand, Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, Consumption Function, Investment Function, Complex Multipliers, multiplier, Foreign Trade Multiplier, Super Multiplier, Saving Function, National Income Determination, Keynesian Theory of Income, Unemployment, Full Employment, Money, upply of Money, Central Banking, Credit Control, Monetarist Revolution, Demand for Money, Interest Rate, Real Balance Effect, Pigou Effect, Wage-Price Flexibility, inflation, business cycles, deflation, Harrod-Domar Models, Solow-Swan growth model, Solow-Swan economic growth model, Endogenous Growth Theory, Steady State Growth, Golden Rule of Accumulation, Macroeconomic Policy, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, IS-LM Model, Supply-side Economics, Rational Expectations Hypothesis, Classical Macroeconomics, Real Business Cycle Theory, New Keynesian Economics, Balance of Payments, Balance of Payments Policies, Foreign Exchange Rate, Foreign Exchange Rate Policy

Microeconomic theory

Author: ML Jhingan

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: ECO301

Topics: Microeconomic theory, economic theory, microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic statics, economic dynamics, comparative statics, economy, economic systems, socialism, price theory, price mechanism, consumption theory, Neo-classical utility analysis, utility analysis, total utility, indifference curve, income elasticity, production theory, large scale production, capital formation, production function, Labour, product pricing, money costs, real costs, opportunity, perfect competition, monopoly, monopsony, bilateral monopoly, monopolistic competition, Duopoly, Oligopoly, joint demand, joint supply, linear programming, factor pricing, rent, wages, interest, profits, taxation, tax, direct tax, indirect tax

Consumer behavior ,twelfth edition

Author: Leon Schiffman, Joe Wisenblit

School: Modibbo Adama University of Technology

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: MM201

Topics: Customer Value, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention, consumer behavior, Consumer Decision-Making, Market Segmentation, Real-Time Bidding, Personality Traits, Anthropomorphism, Self-Perception, Consumer Perception, Perceptual Selection, Perceptual Organization, Consumer Imagery, Risk Perception, Consumer Learning, Classical Conditioning, Instrumental Conditioning, Consumer Involvement, Hemispheric Lateralization, Consumer Attitude Formation, Communication, Consumer Behavior, Persuading Consumers, Mobile Advertising, Advertising, family, family life cycle, Cultural Values, Subcultures, Gender Subcultures, Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior, Consumer Decision-Making, Marketing Ethics, Consumer Research, Consumer Gifting Behavior, Consumer Research

Management ,14th edition

Author: Stephen Robbins, Mary Coulter

School: National Open University of Nigeria

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: BUS429, BUS714

Topics: Management, manager, Management History Module, Making Decisions, Managing Diversity, Managing Social Responsibility, Managing Change, Disruptive Innovation, Planning Work Activities, Managing Strategy, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Management Practice, Designing Organizational Structure, Managing Human Resources, Managing Teams, creating Teams, Management Practice, Organizing, Planning, Leading, Controlling, Managing Communication, Managing Individual Behavior, Motivating Employees, Monitoring, Planning Techniques, Control Techniques

Advanced Economic Theory (Microeconomic Analysis), 21st Edition

Author: HL Ahuja

School: University of Uyo

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: ECN320

Topics: Microeconomic Analysis, Macroeconomics, microeconomics, Optimisation Techniques, demand analysis consumer's choice, demand, demand function, Consumer’s Behaviour, Cardinal Utility Analysis, Indifference Curve Analysis of Demand, consumer preferences, Consumer’s Equilibrium, Marginal Utility

Anthropology ,14th edition

Author: Carol Ember, Melvin Ember, Peter Peregrine

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: SOC309

Topics: Anthropology, Research Methods, Reasearch, Human Evolution, Genetics, Evolution, Human Variation and Adaptation, Human Variation, Adaptation, Primates, Cultural Evolution, Culture, Homo sapiens, Food Production, Cities, States, Origin, Cultural Variation, Individual, Communication, Language, Food, Economic Systems, Class, Ethnicity, Racism, Social Stratification, Sex, Gender, Kinship, Associations, Interest Groups, Social Order, Disorder, Religion, Magic, Arts, Principle of Natural Selection, Bidepal Locomotion, Hominoids, Hominins, Ice Age, Paleolithic Cultures, Globalization, Ethnogenesis, Linguistics, Foraging, Resources

Social Psychology ,5th edition

Author: Tom Gilovich, Dacher Keltner, Serena Chen, Richard Nisbett

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: PSY387

Topics: Fairness, Criminal Justice System, Punishment, Social Psychology, Law, Statistics, Critical Thinking, Education, Health, Social Connection, Stress, Culture, Evolution, Cooperation, The Prisoner's Dilemma, Altruism, Communication, Reconciliation, Polarization, Aggression, Income Inequality, Inequality, Dehumanization, Social Rejection, Media Volience, Violence, Mobs, Deindividuation, Self-Awareness, Group Mind, Leadership, Power, Collective Intelligence, Group Decision Making, Groups, Stereotypes, Prejudice, Discrimination, Cognitive Perspective, Minimal Group Paradigm, Social Identity Theory, Robbers Cave Experiment, Racism, Sexism, Discrimination, Love, Attraction, Genocide, Social Influence, Conformity, Resistance, Persuation, Confidence, Attitudes, Rationalization, Happiness, Social Class, Social Attribution, Confirmation Bias, Self, Social Self, Family, Socialization Agents, Methods

Principles of Economics

Author: Nicholas Gregory Mankiw

School: National Open University of Nigeria

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: ECO431

Topics: Principles of Economics, supply, demand, elasticity, Consumers, Producers, Efficiency of Markets, Costs of Taxation, International Trade, market, welfare, Externalities, Public Goods, Common Resources, Tax System, Costs of Production, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, Firm Behavior, Organization of Industry, Factors of Production, Labor Markets, Earnings, Discrimination, Income Inequality, Poverty, Consumer Choice, Cost of Living.national income, Production, Growth, Saving, Investment, Financial System, Unemployment, Tools of Finance, Monetary System, Money Growth, Inflation, Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, Short-Run Economic Fluctuations, open economy

Sociology ,16th Edition

Author: John Macionis

School: University of Ibadan

Department: Administration, Social and Management science

Course Code: SOC215, SOC309

Topics: Sociology, sociological perspective, sociological investigation, culture, society, socialization, social interaction, groups, organization, sexuality, social inequality, social stratification, social class, global stratification, social change, population, urbanization, environment, collective behavior, social movements, gender stratification, race ethnicity, aging, elderly, social institutions, economy, work, politics, government, family, religion, education, health, medicine


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