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Design of Structural Elements

Author: WMC McKenzie

School: Bayero University, Kano

Department: Engineering

Course Code: CIV3307

Topics: Structural elements design, Structural Analysis Techniques, Shear Force, Bending moment, Shear force diagram, Bending moment diagram, Deflection of Beams, Elastic Shear stress distribution, Elastic Bending stress distribution, Transformed sections, Moment distribution, Bending stiffness, Rotational Stiffness, Carry-over moment, Pinned End, Free Moments, Fixed bending moments, Distribution Factors, Design Philosophies, Permissible stress Design, Load Factor Design, Limit State Design, Design codes, Eurocodes, National Annex, Structural Loading, Dead loads, Imposed loads, Imposed roof loads, Floor load distribution, Load distribution, Structural Instability, Overall Stability, Robustness, Reinforced concrete Element's Design, Structural Steelwork Elements' Design, Structural Timber Elements' Design.

Design of structural elements, 3rd Edition

Author: Chanakya Arya

School: Bayero University, Kano

Department: Engineering

Course Code: CIV3307, CIV4204, CIV5405

Topics: Structural Design, Design Philosophy, Design Basics, Basic structural concepts, materials properties, Design loads acting on structures, Design loads acting on elements, Structural analysis, Beam design, Column design, British Standard Structural design, Beams, Slabs, Foundations, Retaining walls, Design in structural steelwork to BS5950, Iron, Steel, Design Strength, Connections Design, Design in unreinforced masonry, Design in timber to BS5268, Structural design to Eurocodes

Reinforced Concrete Design To Eurocode 2

Author: Bill Mosley, John Bungey, Ray Hulse

School: Bayero University, Kano

Department: Engineering

Course Code: CIV3307

Topics: Reinforced Concrete Design, Design processes, composite action, stress-strain relations, shrinkage, thermal movement, creep, materials specification, Limit state design, Characteristics material strengths, Combination of actions, Load combinations, Beams analysis, Frames Analysis, Shear wall structures resisting horizontal loads, Moments redistribution, Rectangular-parabolic stress block, Triangular stress block, Shear, bond, Torsion, Anchorage bond, span-effective depth ratio, deflection calculation, flexural cracking, Thermal cracking, Shrinkage cracking, Reinforced concrete beams design, Reinforced concrete slabs design, Column design, column classification, slender column design, Foundations design, Retaining walls design, Prestressed concrete, Water-retaining structures, composite construction, Footings, Reinforcement details, Shear connector design


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