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Introduction to Materials for Advanced Energy Systems

Author: Colin Tong

School: Federal University of Technology, Owerri

Department: Engineering

Course Code: MCE403

Topics: Advanced Energy Systems, Energy resource, energy system development, energy process characterization, energy calculations, energy accounting, sustainable energy development, Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy, nano-scale material, micro-scale material, nanoindentation, optical microscopy, electron microscopy, atom probe tomography, advanced x-ray characterization, neutron scattering, phase transformation temperatures, density, specific gravity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, electrical conductivity, electrical resistivity, permittivity, permeability, corrosion, oxidation, toughness, materials design, materials modeling, advanced coatings, photovoltaic materials, hybrid solar cells, thermal storage materials, phase change materials, Geothermal electricity, geothermal heat pump, wind resources, wind machinery, energy-generating systems, wind turbine, hydropower technology, ocean energy, hydrogen generation technology, fuel cells, advanced nuclear energy, fission reactors, fusion reactors, thermoelectric materials, piezoelectric materials, pyroelectric materials, magnetostrictive materials, multiferroic magnetoelectric materials, triboelectric materials, artificial photosynthesis


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