How to manage social media accounts for your business

I’m going to give free tips on how to manage social media accounts for your businesses to create more visibility on the social media space. Particular interest area are Instagram, Facebook, twitter Pintrest.

Social media

1. If you have more than one social media account (maybe you log-in to your personal and business account together). I would advise you set-up a dashboard so you can manage all of them from one place. There are many tools that can help you do that, use buffer publish or Hootsuit

2. If you need to manage data and analysis so as to measure your insights you should use tool like SumAll and Social Report. This will give your daily, weekly or monthly report on the activities of your post. This will in turn tell your progress on what you put out there. 

3. Create Different Post for Different Platform. A lot of people make the mistake of making all their social media account carry the same post. Your audience on each platform expect s different kind of contents from you, so alternate your post. 

Know where to use the hashtag. Hashtags works better on twitter and Instagram but Facebook algorithm will make a mess of your hashtag. Twitter has only 140 characters, so use it creatively. You can then be more expressive on Facebook, and use an infogram or video on Instagram 

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5. Schedule your post: This will help create consistency for your business, even when you don't have something new to post you would have a back-up of content already scheduled to go online at a fixed time. It saves you a lot of time too so you can go ahead to something else. 

6. Lastly please engage with everyone engaging on your post,(you can sometime do amebo on other peoples TL, just to spread your legs) reply to people, drop comments here and there and reply messages as quickly as possible. This will grow your followers and create engagement 

Here is even what is more interesting, In Nigeria it cost between 100k naira(270$) to 300k naira(820$) to have an agency run a social media account for your business. I hope this tips was useful and that you would grow your Business yourself.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin