Steps to start a Facebook group

Before we jump in, I want you to know that this will work for an email newsletter, a YouTube channel, a Telegram/WhatsApp group too. It's the same process, with some slight changes because of the different media format. Just pay attention to the process, that's what matters. 

So the questions is: Why Facebook Groups?

Well, why not?

#1. First and foremost, starting a Facebook group is really very easy. You can literally be in business in a matter of minutes. There’s...

- no set up cost
- no office to rent
- no staff to employ
- no tech to deploy 

#2 - Making money with Groups is fast.

For every members in your group, you will earn anywhere a certain in personal income depending on how invested they are in your niche, in you, and in your content. 

#3 - Success is very, very likely with this.

In fact, I believe this is not only perfect for a beginner, but also for a seasoned entrepreneur. Facebook Groups are an opportunity to make a lot of money doing very, very little work, believe it or not. 

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Who Can Benefit from Facebook Groups?

1. Information Marketers

If you sell information products or services and you want to double, triple or quadruple your sales and profits, then Facebook groups is absolutely for you.

2. Affiliate Marketers

If you send an email to customers on your email list, for example, you might get 20%-25% of those people to open your email. However if you have a Facebook group on top of that, then you can reach that same audience, and you can reach maybe 50% - 60% of those people.

Alright enough of the preambles. 

#1. Name Your Group Correctly

The difference between success and failure with Facebook groups can, in fact, be the name of your group. The reason some groups grow like wildfire while others do not, is often the name.

You want a name that tells a potential member what they will gain by joining, as quickly as possible. My group is "I WILL TEACH YOU BUSINESS". It's long but it is very descriptive.

When choosing a name, think in terms of one word, two words, or three words with it promising a big benefit. 

Facebook groups

#2.  You need a great cover image for your group

Create one in canva, it's free and has loads of good templates. Or pay someone on Fiverr $5 to create one for you. DO not joke with this

#3. You need a great description

Your description is what your group is all about. It serves two purposes.

A. It needs to inspire people to join.

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So it needs to promise them solutions, awesome benefits, and big reasons why to motivate and inspire them to join.

B. It needs to attract Facebook's algorithm

Facebook’s algorithm scans the description of your of your group for keywords. It finds people on Facebook that are interested in your keywords, so you need to be very careful about the words that you put into your description because Facebook will use that to advertise your group and attract all the right people to it. 

#4. Tag section

The tag section of your Facebook page is also very important. Add as tags the keywords that will help your group show up in the results when people search for those terms,

For example, if your group is about marriage, your tags should include "marriage", "relationships"... 

"divorce", "dating", "wedding", and also name of celebrities gurus in the niche. For example, if Pastor Bimbo was still alive, you add her name, etc.


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Author : Kekeocha Justin