7 Steps to Success with Facebook Groups

#1 - Pick a hot niche

Everything starts with a HOT MARKET niche. Everything.

There are an infinite number of potential niches out there, but only a very small quantity of niches that will in fact make you a millionaire. You want to be in a niche where you will make a LOT of money, so here are some of them.

- Discount Deals (Electronics)
- Travel
- Health
- Personal Development
- Business
- Personal Finance
- Beauty
- Diet + Recipes
- Relationships
- Parenting
- Fashion

and many more. 

Facebook groups

#2 - Start a group

Even though it’s very easy to begin a Facebook group, there are some tricks to it you need to know because what you ultimately want is a group that is set up to grow organically and bring new members to you for free each and every day. How do you do this?

Here's the Steps: Steps To Start A Facebook Group

3. Start Posting on your group

Now there are three ways you can present yourself to members of your group.

You can be and present yourself as

- A Guru


- A Teacher


- A Reporter

Let me dissect each of this because it determines how you'll present the content you create and share with your members.

a. Guru:

The guru is a master of his topic. The person who has mastered and reached the highest levels of skill one could possibly reach in that topic. You are an expert that experts go to for even higher levels of understanding.

b. Teacher:

The teacher is somebody who is so educated on a specific topic that he or she is therefore qualified to turn around and actually teach people less educated about the topic. We all have had teachers - whether in school, university, or in everyday life - and we greatly appreciate teachers. We respect them, appreciate them, and admire them.

They educate us on topics we need to be successful. 

c. The Reporter or Journalist:

A reporter essentially goes out and finds the scoop, finds the story, and researches the tips, the tricks, the tactics, and the secrets and reports back with that information.

If you can't be "a" or "b", you can be "c"

All you need is know how to 

-Go to Google
-Search for solutions, tips, ideas
-Create a little script all about it
-Do an FB Live and read the script OR just write and post it.

Do this often and you’ll become an expert who becomes the teacher and then the teacher who becomes a guru. All while making money. So now that you've chosen how to present yourself, what's next.

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5. Start producing your content

Use Google to source great content. Source 10-20 pieces of content to create around your topic. Then share that content in your group. You can queue them to go out 2 per day. Now when someone joins your group, they will will view your group as being a place where he or she is getting the answers to their questions, and learning. And your group is becoming a place where they can further their education in terms of what they're interested in.

Now your group will have 10-20 valuable pieces of content that people will find tremendous value in, and they will associate that value as being a member of your group.

6. Start advertising Your group

This is to kickstart your members drive. Once the Facebook algorithm kicks in you won't need to do this again.

Source 10-20 great images from pixabay.com or pexels.com (depending on how much content you have in the group from the previous step). The images must match the topic of each of the content you created.

Then create one very simple ad (text) for each piece of content. Apply that ad text to each one of your 10 or 20 images to create 10-20 different ads

Then create a Facebook page with the same name as your group and post all 10-20 ads with the images to your Facebook page.

Next, create an ad each one of those ads with $5 or $10 for 24 hours only - targeting your core audience your group is targeting. Set it up so it's one ad every 24 hours. That means if you have 10 pieces of content you'll have 10 ads that run for 10 days to the the same audience. 

The ad should invite them to join the group and get that piece of content.

You will notice from the clicks on the ads which kind of contents are getting the most clicks.Go back and create more similar content and add to the group. Then spend more on advertising if you want. 

7. Work on group engagement

The secret to getting your group to grow for free over time is to get people to spend lots of time inside your group. You want people to be spending like 30 minutes or more in your group per day.

Because when Facebook sees that people spend more than 30 minutes in your group per day, because you're keeping people ON FACEBOOK, they help grow your group for free by suggesting it to people similar to those already in your group!

A way to drive that engagement is to make posts that ask lots of open-ended questions to get your group members talking.

Ask questions like:

“What's the biggest challenge you have with ______?”,

“Why do you think you haven't ______ or you haven't achieved _____ yet?”,

“Have you tried ______ in the past? What has been your
experience?”, etc.

See how it works? Open-ended questions like that are ones that get people talking, that get people interacting, and spending time debating and chit-chatting in your group.

Also do lots of Q&A sessions and helpful Facebook Lives teaching more about your topic to serve your audience’s needs. 

Finally start selling.

Once your group hits 500 people, you can start selling. Don't be so focused on growing your membership that you forget this.

Remember your [pinned post from the beginning? You should add a link to a sales letter there where they can can go buy something. Anyone can do this. The sweet thing about Facebook groups is it's just so accessible to even the average person on the street.

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